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Union Bay Improvement District January 2020 meeting cancelled.

Again, a good sign – a Trustee who believes it is important for landowners to be able to ask questions.


Dec. 2019 meeting video finally posted. No microphones used so good luck hearing anything and why the hell does the video guy sit so far away? He could easily move 5 ft forward which would help with the sound.

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See how things change when Trustees actually do what they promise during a campaign?

Finally, a notice is being sent out when there is a disruption of water service to landowners homes. Changes are happening with the addition of Chair Vandenberg and Ian Munro.

Let’s make smart choices in April. Get rid of those trustees who have displayed their contempt for landowners.

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Happy increased assessment for the New Year!

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BC Assessment website has the new figures. Just type in your address. You will see your new assessment as well as the previous year for comparison.

You can view other properties by clicking on them in the ‘Map’ view.

You can also view the assessment values of ‘Neighbouring Properties’.

You can also view the prices homes sold for in your neighbourhood by selecting ‘ Sample Sold Properties’.