More Info on the Owner of Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking in Union Bay – Robert Bohn of Vanuatu

Wonder if Jurisich has advised owner of Deep Water Recovery, Robert Bohn, of his actions of robbery, intimidation, bullying and harassment here in ole Union Bay? Surely, the law firm representing Deep Water Recovery would have advised Robert Bohn. What's he going to do? Poor Vanuatu - must be one hell of a job fighting... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking Owner is on Board of WanTok Pacific Corporation.

Previous posts about Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking in Union Bay: Given the previous info about Bohn, I guess it makes sense that he would be involved "... there is a new low-cost and easy-to-use remittance/money transfer solution called WanTok Money." Wonder if Bohn approves of his employees (Jurisich and John Doe's) thuggish actions? Continue Reading →

Are People Living at the Deep Water Recovery Industrial Site in Union Bay as Claimed in CVRD Lawsuit?

NOTE: I am not a member of the Concerned Citizens of Baynes Sound, so I do not speak for them, the opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone unless indicated. Previous posts about ship breaking in Union Bay Took this pic today: Here's an excerpt from June 14, 2022, at 8:06... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Ship Breaking – Deep Water Recovery LLC Union Bay – Owner Resides in Vanuatu

Previous posts about ship breaking in Union Bay: UPDATE: June 27, Bohn found innocent: Well, well, well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Deep Water Recovery Director, Mark Jurisich is one of the thugs trying to prevent me from legally flying my drone over an industrial site - screenshot of him from... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery, A Multi-Million Dollar Company Sends Thugs to Intimidate 71 Year Old Senior and Other Landowners

What country do these guys think they are operating in - this isn't normal business practice in Canada. It's not just me either, the director has terrorized other landowners. The image at the top is what DWR thinks is protecting the environment by using hay bales and plastic. Videos of Deep Water Recovery notice-of-civil-claim-filed-june-20-2022-1Download

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