Cowardly Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees continue to operate in secret – now meetings are quarterly

NO more monthly meetings - only quarterly.  These are the guys who promised open, transparent government with the newest one (Ted Haraldson) getting elected by telling folks "We must ask questions and demand answers."  The same guy who only allows 1 question per landowner.  Gutless These guys can't answer questions and have spent most of... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District meeting June 21, 2018 – going through the motions – no public discussion of topics

You will note the meetings now consist of approving the agenda, minutes, reading the reports and 1 question allowed per landowner.  There is to be no discussion in public - remember, the public is a distraction. You will remember the discussion from the May 24, 2018 meeting where it was disclosed the board had made... Continue Reading →

Agenda for Union Bay Improvement District Sideshow – come one and all!

Too busy to answer correspondence, Admin hiring someone to do his job, no urgency with water treatment plant so taking July and August off.  One question per landowner. All brought to you by those folks who promised transparency, accountability, and the new chair who urged landowners to demand answers..... oh wait, that's when he wanted... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District Trustee’s Wife thinks it’s okay to respond to UBID business queries

Obviously, missed this one.  So Cheri Loxam thought it was fine to respond to an email regarding UBID business because she recognized the sender.  Well, that makes it all okay, right?  That's her justification - if she recognizes the sender, she's free to respond?  Bad enough we have the elected gong show - seems the... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District Board hiding behind closed-door meeting policy

Cowardly board is afraid to discuss important matters publicly because it would expose their questionable actions. NEWS UBID PASSES CLOSED-DOOR MEETING POLICY SHARE ON: JAMES WOOD, STAFF SATURDAY, JUN. 2ND, 2018 Vista file photo of Ted Haraldson from May 24, 2018. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio UNION BAY, B.C- Trustee’s of the... Continue Reading →

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