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Info From CVRD – Logging, Conversion and Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Parks and Trails

Lots of info in these documents – let’s be informed.

Logging in the Watershed. Hopefully, Daniel will be successful in protecting our watershed. Nice to see someone forging ahead to actually protect our water source for the future instead of just begging the logging company to hold off over and over.


Sorry, I put the wrong link – corrected now. KIP dedicated Parks and Trails:

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UBID/CVRD Virtual Open House – Conversion via Zoom May 18, 2021

Good information at this meeting. Relieved we will have staff capable of planning our financial future.

Funny, talk of some type of farewell to the Improvement District after operating for 60 years. Might have been a good idea a few years ago before UBID turned into a monster who had to have a stake put through the heart to kill it thanks to the pro kip trustees. Nothing to celebrate except the death of it.

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Attempted Gong Show at UBID Inaugural Meeting

Update May 13, 2021: The board was correct in excluding the portion of the meeting hi jacked by some sick filthy hillbillies – I wouldn’t have posted it either.

The one meeting I missed so no recording of the dust up.


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Year After Year KIP Flunkies Spread Falsehoods – Stop Relying on These People for Information!

NOTE: Godfrey has removed his comments from the Facebook Union Bay Bulletin Board contained in the screenshot below.

Haraldson has spewed a lot of bullshit including claiming a PRV (pressure reducing valve) costs 1 million dollars each when disparaging the Molstad board for purchasing the 20 acres near the lake. Haraldson also claimed the land was a bog. True to form, Haraldson spewed the CEC boogey man in 2018 while running for trustee. This guy was elected and became chair – that’s how gullible the community is.

These guys are scare mongering when they claim the CEC’s from development would go to the CVRD if we became a service area.

It didn’t stop Godfrey from spewing the same bullshit in 2020, hoping to influence and discourage landowners from voting for conversion. It’s what you would expect from a KIP representative as it’s no secret KIP never wanted Union Bay to become a service area of the CVRD – wanted to keep the hillbillies under his control.

See the red below? Trustee Kaljur contacted Chair of the CVRD, Bruce Jolliffe who stated very clearly the CEC’s stay in Union Bay.

Then in November 2020, we have Godfrey spewing the same misinformation. How can he possibly believe this? Are his statements as a “Representative of Kip”? If he’s speaking as a landowner, why make these claims when it’s so easily disputed? Why does this guy think he is an authority on Union Bay matters – he clearly needs to be ignored.

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Union Bay Referendum Results on Conversion

Kudos to Mike Chouinard for providing continuing coverage of important matters in Union Bay. We have been lucky the last few years with excellent local reporters who have gone on to bigger and better things.

Union Bay voters opt for governance change

More than seventy per cent support dissolving UBID to roll services into regional district

Across from Argyle Road, just outside the heart of Union Bay, there’s a field, and facing drivers connecting to the Old Island Highway are two signs with conflicting messages,

To the left, the sign says, “Vote No to CVRD,” while the sign to the right offers a rebuttal, ”Vote Today. Vote CVRD Makes Sense.”

On Saturday, Nov. 28 then, Union Bay voters made their choice as to which message they supported, ultimately deciding to go a new direction. The question before voters was: “Are you in favour of dissolving the Union Bay Improvement District and converting to Comox Valley Regional District local service areas?”

Unofficial results as of Saturday night showed 418 Yes votes to 159 No votes, meaning about 72 per cent of 557 voters opted for change.

Voting at the Union Bay Community Hall on general voting day was described as “steady,” following a couple of days of advance voting earlier this month.

At issue for voters in the community south of Courtenay was whether to roll the three services of water, fire protection and streetlights into Comox Valley Regional District administrative jurisdiction, or to maintain the status quo of having the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) board and staff oversee operations, though with recommendations to enhance current governance.

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The referendum question marked the end of a period for the community to consider the future of its governance. This has included discussions with stakeholders, forums for voters and a report looking at the ramifications of converting the services to the regional district. The governance discussion itself followed more upheaval on the board in recent years, which has included court action and resignations of board members.

“In recent years, there have been a number of challenges to UBID’s governance model including multiple board trustee resignations resulting in a loss of quorum. Staff transitions have added to the challenges,” the conversion study states.

On Nov. 19, returning officer Peter Crawford released numbers from the two days of advanced voting, held on Nov. 10 and 17. Voters cast a total of 415 ballots prior to general voting day. The recent governance study report notes that UBID provides service to 690 properties and almost 800 ratepayers.