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Union Bay Improvement District Touting Their Accomplishments from 2000 to 2010

VOTE YES for conversion

General Voting day set for Saturday, Nov. 28. Voting time from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Union Bay Community Hall.

Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study.

When many landowners questioned the increasing costs of staffing UBID, this is what was distributed. Acknowledges the same outstanding issues in 2010 as 2000. So it took 20 years to get a water treatment plant because of those sucked into believing KIP would pay for everything, and look who ended up paying.

Twenty years on and no replacement and renewal plan but they still want Union Bay to be governed by 5 ignorant trustees dealing with the same developer spewing bullshit and dividing the community . They knew since 1996 fire hall needed replacement. Let’s move ahead and leave this mickey mouse style of governance behind us.

Yes, it is true that Union Bay still has the same outstanding issues in 2010 that were there in 2000 – aging water infrastructure and a need for water treatment, fire hall replacement identified in the 1996 Fire Coommissioner’s report…

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Some Developers are Predators and Destroy the Communities They Target – Union Bay Stopped being “The Friendly Port” when KIP Divided the Community with Empty Promises and Outright Lies.

VOTE YES for conversion

General Voting day set for Saturday, Nov. 28. Voting time from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Union Bay Community Hall.

Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study.

Kensington Island Properties knew it was easy to manipulate people if you pat them on their heads and tell them how smart they are. KIP convinced a group of landowners to support the development and get elected on the UBID board years ago. None of the individuals had the expertise or basic knowledge of what was involved with such a huge development. KIP first convinced UBID trustees that the promises made to the community would actually materialize which resulted in years passing without any action by UBID planning for future projects because they believed KIP would be paying for everything.

The community supported the development in March 2006 when Bob Long, CAO advised Langley Lake would not be considered as a water source and 14 conditions must be met by KIP.

In Oct. of the same year the community faced a referendum on becoming a Municipality. Those cosy with KIP declared “we would be in the drivers seat” negotiating directly with KIP and getting rid of the pesky Regional District being involved. The Union Bay Residents’ Association put out false and misleading information all the while planning on changing the water source if the outcome was a YES to municipality status. Brian McMahon was a member and aware of this plan by unelected landowners to overturn what the community was promised mere months earlier.

This is where the rot started in the community by landowners who believed they knew what was best for Union Bay. Susan Hargreaves and Ruth McVeigh, founders of the Union Bay Residents’ Association became the mouthpiece for KIP and spread the bullshit and the rot of dividing the community took hold.

As a member of the UBRA, I questioned their actions and was told to do something to myself which was physically impossible and promptly removed from their fake association. UBRA eventually was dissolved as they only abided by the rules of a society the first year to give them cover for their undemocratic actions.

KIP ran a full page ad encouraging Municipality status knowing if a YES was the outcome he would be able to manipulate a mayor and council made up of those he has groomed.

This letter to the editor from Oct. 2006 questions McMahon’s actions with the full page ad.

NOTE: All the promises – this was 2006 – what has materialized since then? How come we were all so ignorant? Why didn’t anyone challenge this developer on some of the statements like raising the dam. We don’t own the land around Langley Lake and can’t raise the dam. Why didn’t anyone question the $17.4 Million dollars for the water supply alone? We now know when KIP stated $17.4 Million development costs, they meant the Capital Expense Charges paid for each lot to UBID which is presently around $8,900. KIP was never going to give the community anything. KIP was dictating what these CEC’s would be spent on. KIP believes the CEC’s is “giving” to Union Bay. So you folks who purchased lots to build your home and paid the $8,900. to UBID – we should thank you for your “gift”.

Here’s an article from the Record Oct. 2006, UBID stating KIP would pay $17 Million. Misinformation from elected officials regarding KIP has been the diet of Union Bay. It’s been one ignorant mistake after another because people may have good intentions – we simply do not have the expertise required. Emphasis added by me.

This from Sept. 1, 2016: “We were upgrading their water system at our cost,” McMahon said. “We have $1.2 million that’s been set aside that is in our lawyer’s trust account for the upgrades…” Wait a second – wasn’t it an interest free loan that caused those 424 landowners to sign the petition demanding KIP be given an extension? McMahon knew the agreement was dead but had his flunkies convince people it wasn’t.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that his trustees chose to ignore a petition from over 400 landowners to become a service area of the CVRD in Nov. 2016 since he obviously was against it according to the article below. That’s why the trustees were never able to answer questions – they didn’t know why they were making the decisions – just that they were supposed to make them.

Kensington Island Properties ruined Union Bay by pitting those who wanted to believe against those who dared to ask questions. This developer is not your friend – it is a predator. This developer know it’s harder to bullshit experts he may face at the CVRD. Remember he did say it’s not exactly dealing with Wall St. referring to the UBID Board.

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The Gong Show Memory Lane

VOTE YES for conversion

Advance poll on Tuesday, Nov. 17, with general voting day set for Saturday, Nov. 28. Voting time each day occurs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Union Bay Community Hall.

Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study.

This link is to a very long post giving the compete history of the stunts pulled by the board to deny landowners access to information on becoming a service area. In Nov. 2017, Kaljur brought forth a motion which passed with a yes from Elliott and Kaljur and no coming from Loxam and Bitten, Jacques broke the tie and voted yes. When Jacques voted he said “There’s no harm in getting information”. Well, that all changed after that meeting. Jacques must have been scolded for daring to vote for the motion. The 17 minutes of discussion was ‘accidentally’ erased from the meeting video. They dealt with that pesky motion that had passed by ignoring it as though it never happened and created a new one which specifically stated a letter would not be sent to the RD.

Here’s an excerpt from the 2011 WIA regarding ownership and the fact KIP didn’t comply with any of the conditions in the agreement and yet wanted an extension.

Loxam’s letter containing false information regarding the expired Water Infrastructure Agreement. This was after 3 trustees resigned when Loxam and Jacques went behind the back of the board and negotiated with KIP. Pretty much the whole letter is bullshit. In the 2011 WIA, KIP would own the temporary treatment plant on land leased from KIP until a permanent one was built. The community was told it was a $1.7 Million ‘gift’ but turned out to be an interest free loan on a temporary treatment facility we wouldn’t own until we no longer needed one – as a permanent one would be built. Make sense?

NOTE: The second last paragraph above – “Trustee Peter Jacques and I are confident that, with some adjustments, this previous agreement can be extended and made workable”. Again, there is no legal basis for this statement – none of them bothered to find out if an expired agreement could be extended! This is the madness that infects this community.

Letter below Jacques and Loxam presented to the rest of the board they received from McMahon when they went behind the board (and the government appointed facilitator when McMahon claimed the board wouldn’t meet with him), to negotiate an agreement. Please take note of the 4 acres for the firehall – it was always to be 4 acres until these goofs brought it into the 2017 agreement and NEGOTIATED DOWN!

Only a ‘special’ person could write the letter below justifying their statements in the above letter. It appears a contract doesn’t need to actually have details and specifics that could withstand legal challenges. You just need to talk to those involved who negotiated a multi-million dollar contract and have them explain to you “what the intent was”! I’m sure a judge would have no problem with a legal ruling because someone tells you what their intent was at the time, but they didn’t write it down.

Then this doozy. Seriously? I love how he mentions “…in addition to the land already identified for the firehall…” Ya, that was 4 acres that YOU negotiated down!

Loxam really went to town on the bullshit above. This is what Trustee Kaljur provided in response to the wild claim about having the consent of the chair to negotiate with KIP:

Five green trustees at their first official meeting. Here’s Loxam explaining his interpretation of the expired WIA after speaking to two of the parties involved in the negotiation. If it’s not written down – you can’t spin it into something else. You will notice Bitten speak up without being confirmed by the Chair telling everyone that the chair must be recognized! You can’t make this shit up. Loxam then goes on to introduce a motion to extend the expired Water Infrastructure Agreement. Lots of ignorant statements made about the agreement still being legal – this is 2 years after the agreement expired and not one of these idiots bothered to find out if it could legally be extended. Bitten believes the contract is legal and binding. Again, just his gut – no due diligence, and this is how these guys governed. No due diligence – a recipe for disaster at the expense of the community.

Here’s when Jacques admits to not obtaining legal advice before supporting the extension of the expired 2011 WIA but tries to justify his incompetent actions. When are people going to wake up to the fact these dolts never had a clue and failed to learn anything?

If any of these dolts had bothered to read the opinions already received by UBID confirming the agreement was dead or bothered to contact UBID’s lawyer, it would have saved time and upheaval in the community. NOTE: “…the ‘force majeure clause cannot be unilaterally invoked by UBID nor has a claim of force majeure been established…”. The good little puppets loved to parrot Kensington Island Properties who was always whining about the ‘force majeure” clause.

Bitten just can’t stand it when Trustee Kaljur speaks. He never allows her to complete a statement, so worried she will divulge the bullshit that is taking place. Bitten also goes after the newspaper reporter for taking pictures at a public meeting.

The illegal suspension of a duly elected trustee. The board also held a meeting in a secret location to prevent Trustee Kaljur from attending. This is the level of incompetence you will continue to have if we remain an Improvement District.

This is a funny quote from Haraldson talking about following the rules and bylaws all the while unlawfully suspending a trustee. See, it’s idiots learning one huge mistake at a time.

“Union Bay has had it’s problems, with it’s boards, for a number of years,” said Haraldson.

“The only way that you’re going to rectify this, straighten it out, is turn around and you have to start using the bylaws, using the rules, and following them. If the rules aren’t followed, then that’s what you have, you have a problem.”

He stated that Kaljur would not be participating in any meetings while suspended, and indicated that the Annual General Meeting in April will be the next meeting where the public will be allowed to attend.

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This is What You Want More of?

VOTE YES for conversion

Advance poll on Tuesday, Nov. 17, with general voting day set for Saturday, Nov. 28. Voting time each day occurs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Union Bay Community Hall.

Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study.

This is the beginning of the end. You want more years of this?

Godfrey presenting petition in June 2015, the same month he’s identified as a KIP representative and threatening legal action by landowners if the Board doesn’t give KIP an extension on the expired 2011 WIA. NOTE: These guys never bothered to obtain any legal advice which resulted in the upheaval in the community and division for months. Imagine threatening legal action because the board wouldn’t comply with an illegal action? Who ended up paying in the end?

Oct. 2016 when Rick Bitten, Lone Jednorog and Ted Haraldson planned and executed a disruption of an All Candidates Meeting that they were afraid to attend and actually answer questions.

This the the first official board meeting of the newly elected trustees. Not one of them has experience as a trustee. A petition is presented to the board requesting Union Bay become a service area of the Regional District. Motion made by Elliott to table it until next board meeting – Dec. 2016 motion carried.

Here’s what happened with that petition at the next board meeting. Loxam claims the petition was brought up during an in camera meeting and he doesn’t think it should be discussed until the next in camera meeting. NOTE: the petition does not fall under the criteria for an in camera subject. They were just too spineless to state publicly why they refused to act on it. At the end Bitten says “What a waste of time”. Right off the bat he displayed his disinterest in the position he campaigned for. They voted against a motion to form a committee of landowners to determine the pros and cons of joining the CVRD. Denied landowners the opportunity to obtain information. These same people do not want the landowners to have a democratic system of government that is accountable and transparent. It’s just not allowed in Union Bay.

Feb. 2017, landowner asked about becoming a service area. Chair Jacques says: “The CVRD doesn’t want anything to do with UBID.  They didn’t want to get stuck with a system that requires nothing but money and a lot of work to get into place.”

Might add more…

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BSers – Part Two

Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study

Ya, here’s a couple of Einsteins. You going to put your most valuable possession in the hands of people like this? How many more cartoons of the gong show of the valley?

Here’s the petition circulated bashing the then board for planning on building our own plant. They never bothered to find out if it was legal to extend an expired agreement. They pushed through a motion at their first board meeting in Nov. 2016, extending the agreement that expired in Dec. 2014. Then they received a letter from UBID’s lawyer advising they could not unilaterally extend an expired agreement. They stirred up all kinds of shit and spread bullshit from the spring of 2015 until Nov. 2016, trying to extend this agreement. Are you going to take advice from people who were so stupid they never bothered to find out if what they were peddling was in fact doable/legal?

When you have ignorant uninterested people representing your governing body, they learn one huge mistake at a time. How many more years do you want this to happen?

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Same BSers Spewing Misinformation

Love how these whiny wimps believe they speak as leaders of the community. I also love Wimpy confirmed my “knowledge of all things past and retained paperwork”. Well if I didn’t, I’d just be another bullshitter spouting off what I thought I knew!

David Godfrey has recently made a new claim. It seems Godfrey was spouting the old bs about the KIP project being held up for years by governments on a Facebook group. When he was asked about being KIP’s spokesperson, he denied it and said it was me that made that claim. Well, yes I did and here it is under June 23, 2015:

So when evidence was provided, guess what Godfrey’s response was? Godfrey said he never received any compensation from KIP! What a strange answer since apparently no one claimed he had. David Godfrey definitely acted as spokesperson/representative for Kensington Island Properties – not just as a landowner as he claimed.

Godfrey also claimed money was NOT lost with the purchase of the school property without clear title because he says it was bought back for the same price UBID paid. Why didn’t they hire a lawyer?

Well that would be nice if it was true. Godfrey conveniently forgets they spent thousands on renovations – so is that money lost? How many years did we pay on the mortgage? Is that money lost? UBID wouldn’t allow a school to rent part of the building because there might be noise that would distract the 3 employees. I’ll have to go back and look through my posts as I know I had the costs of heating this huge building to house 1 full time employee and 2 part time employees. Here’s a link showing the timeline and reason why they chose to purchase the Union Bay School Property: Another post with additional links to the School purchase:

Godfrey then added a brand new twist in his response to Anne Alcock. Godfrey said if anyone is to blame for the school fiasco it’s the board Anne was on. Get this – Godfrey claims the Ministry/Provincial Gov’t told the Board NOT to tell the landowners that we didn’t own the school property with clear title when they learned of the covenant. Godfrey blames the Molstad board for making it public and somehow that prevented it from being resolved and he is still crying about it. I call bullshit on this whopper. Excerpt of Correspondence sent to Union Bay Improvement District from Minister Bill Bennett dated Oct. 6, 2009.  Mentions School Property problem. The Molstad board took over in April 2011, and yet we still didn’t own the property. Godfrey needs to provide evidence UBID was instructed NOT to advise the landowners. Godfrey’s board knew the zoning and limitations on the property at the time of purchase.

UBID even paid lump sums down on the mortgage when they knew we didn’t have clear title to the property.

Another pesky retained paperwork: Mortgage approx. $10,000. a year and $25,000. interest a year. How many years did we pay this interest? According to Godfrey, no money was lost.

Godfrey also claimed the community always knew the $1.7 Million dollar from the 2011 WIA was an interest free loan and never claimed it was a ‘gift’. Again, so easy to burst another fantasy balloon. Here you go:

Here’s the first time the community was advised it was an “interest free loan” – 5 years later. Says “people have twisted these words”. No one twisted the words – the community was told it was a “$1.7 Million Gift”.