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The Conversion Petition the Union Bay Improvement District completely ignored for 3 years.

This post is what transpired with the petition presented Nov. 13, 2016, through to Feb. 2018. It’s disgusting watching the incompetence Union Bay has suffered since the pro KIP trustees were elected.

If the outcome of the referendum on conversion is to join the CVRD, the earliest we could become a service area is Jan. 2021. If the board would have acted on the landowners petition presented in Nov. 2016, we wouldn’t have faced the same costs for the Water Treatment Plant we are now paying. Even without grants we would have saved a bundle on interest since we would be eligible for financing 2 points under prime on infrastructure loans.

Trustee Bitten is up for re election in April 2020. The community showed Loxam the door at the April 2019 election. Let’s show Bitten the door in April.

Had it been up to the gong show creators, we wouldn’t be given the opportunity to decide our future and become a service area of the CVRD. KIP has always been the promoter of incorporation/municipality and had his flunkies do his bidding. Bitten’s reasoning for not joining the CVRD is the UBID staff – doesn’t matter what we are paying as long as a handful of employees are the first priority.

Who negotiates down? Only the Union Bay Improvement District!

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Why are we paying so much for garbage pickup?

The Craigdaroch subdivision recently applied for and was granted a Service Boundary Extension to include Garbage Collection Service. The information from that petition is below. They also get recycling pickup. Is there a community minded person/group who could put together a petition to include Union Bay proper?

Don’t know what others are paying, I pay $75.00 for 3 months of bi-weekly pickup. Will be interesting to see what the costs comparisons are when the conversion study is done to provide exactly what our tax dollars are paying for now.

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Restructuring Planning grant for Union Bay conversion – can’t happen fast enough!

“I can appreciate the desire to explore incorporation; however, a study focusing solely on service conversion seems prudent at this point in Union Bay’s evolution.

So the choice we will be given is stay with this antiquated and undemocratic on demand dictatorship OR become a service area of the CVRD and come under the umbrella of a form of government that is compelled to abide by rules and regulations. How difficult is the decision?

Info from the CVRD website:

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Union Bay Improvement District meeting Oct. 17, 2019

Short meeting. Didn’t learn anything about the finances. They set the dates for the by election. Looks like we’re going to the polls again in November.

EDIT: I’d like to make a prediction based on what I witnessed last night with 3 trustees guessing about locations, times, etc. This by election is going to be screwed up because the admin hasn’t learned from past mistakes and the trustees are unaware of what the admin should know – IF there are at least 2 candidates since there won’t be an election if there is only one candidate. Here’s the notice posted Fri. Oct. 18, 2019.

Trustee Kaljur left after a dispute about an item not being on the agenda, again. How many times has this happened to Trustee Kaljur but no other trustee? Either the admin is incompetent or intentionally leaving items off. Kaljur provides information to prove she sent the item to be added to Hein Vandenberg but he stated he hasn’t received any emails from Kaljur in a couple of weeks.

One thing Kaljur brought up was the fact the Admin wanted to bill a landowner $3000. for an FOI. I thought the one for $1300. for the KIP/UBID water agreement was ridiculous, but this is crazy. What the hell could take $3000. of the admin’s time?

When the meeting adjourned I made no secret of what I thought about how this board is conducting UBID business. I have to give Hein Vandenberg credit. Hein approached me and told me he was aware of how I felt. Hein spent quite a while speaking to myself and another landowner. Hein spoke to many landowners who stayed after the meeting.

The one thing I want to mention from my conversation with Hein. He stated he didn’t receive any emails from Kaljur so how could he know what she sent? When I asked him if he confirmed receiving emails from individuals, he answered ‘yes’. I then asked why he didn’t answer my email from a couple of weeks ago and if he received it. Hein admitted it was a fair point as he didn’t acknowledge receipt. Kaljur couldn’t know her emails weren’t received, just like I didn’t know if he received mine.

Let’s get this conversion done.

Audio only.

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Comox Valley Regional District agrees to Union Bay governance study.

Noticed this was on Susanna Kaljur’s blog. it’s great to have Susanna’s and Paul’s blogs providing more information to Union Bay landowners.

Is anyone surprised there has been no comment from UBID? “The Comox Valley Record has contacted the UBID office about the upcoming process but has not heard back.” Daniel Arbour is Area A director for the Comox Valley Regional District. Photo submitted

Comox Valley Regional District agrees to Union Bay governance study

Process will consider whether community should convert services to the region

The Comox Valley Regional District has agreed to take part in a process to look at governance in the community of Union Bay.

The growing community south of Courtenay is part of Area A in the regional district. However, the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) looks after a few specific services provided to the community – water, fire protection and street lights. Other services and programs are administered by the CVRD.

“Their jurisdiction is limited to those three things,” says Area A Director Daniel Arbour.

However, the board that governs UBID has faced discord in recent years, and during the summer, then-chair Paul Healey sent a letter to the Province about reviewing governance. According to a letter on the UBID website, the Province responded saying it will consider a review with the participation of the CVRD. Healey then sent a letter to the CVRD asking about the willingness of Arbour, as area director, and the regional district to take a lead role in the process.

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At a committee of the whole meeting for the regional district on Oct. 8, board members passed a motion to work with Union Bay on the study.

“What we’ve committed to is having a governance study,” says Arbour. “It’s a study that usually takes about a year to complete.”

The CVRD staff report notes that the regional district in partnership with UBID can apply for a restructure planning grant and infrastructure planning grant from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to facilitate the process. This process should include looking at all the assets of UBID in terms of what services it provides and what would be involved should the community choose to convert services to the CVRD. It would assess UBID assets and liabilities, as well as analyze governance options and develop a communications plan. The study could begin later this year, with much of the condition assessment and community engagement work happening in 2020. The report also says if Union Bay opts to convert the services, a decision would have to happen by next September.

Initially, there had been an option for the community to consider incorporation as a municipality. The Province, in its response to Healey and UBID, said that incorporation can be a “contentious” issue for a community and that it would be “prudent” for Union Bay to look solely at whether to convert UBID services to the regional district at this time and perhaps consider incorporation at a later date.

“We will have to abide by that,” Arbour added.

The Comox Valley Record has contacted the UBID office about the upcoming process but has not heard back.

(The article has been edited to correct an error concerning the electoral area.)

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Wow – finally – excellent letter from the Ministry

You are going to want to check out Susanna Kaljur’s blog showing the letter.

This is a follow up to this post:

Looks like all the gong show and bullying tactics backfired on the goofs preventing any consideration of incorporation (municipality).

“Over the past two years there is already evidence of significant community discord in Union Bay, given the governance challenges the Board has had and the contentious interactions that have occurred between members of the Board and the public.”

We have a majority working for all landowners again like the Carol Mostad Board. Let’s pull the pin on this antiquated form of government and move forward.

This post indicates the amount of money we will save in interest alone by converting to the CVRD and being eligible for loans at a reduced rate.

Imagine the savings if we get grants?