CVRD doesn’t appear to have a clear understanding on KIP’s shoreline work.

This is a follow up on this post asking if KIP had a permit to work so close to the ocean, constructing a pathway. http://kensington-island-properties-aka-union-bay-estates-working-on-the-waterfront Did ole slick pull another fast one by constructing a pathway along the perimeter of his oceanfront and fish bearing creek front without a development permit? This is KIP's MO... Continue Reading →

Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates – list of CVRD conditions. Any of them completed since July 2020?

Waiting for word back from the CVRD as to how many of the conditions have been met to date. UPDATE: Received the following from the CVRD: #3 are those 9 lots where KIP is hauling truckloads to raise the area in the floodplain? Did KIP obtain the Development Permit to build a walkway right on... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking finally clean up broken sailboat anchored at their site.

Geezuz! This company is a hazard to the community with their employees blatantly walking by the debris for days. Haven't heard if they cleaned along the ocean front or just in their 'area'. They've managed to bring the flat bottomed barge onto land. They actually might be taking it to the asphalt surface where they... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking claims sailboat debris is not from them. So don’t trust your lying eyes. :)

Since Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking is such an environmentally conscious company, if they say it's not from their site, I guess we can't trust our lying eyes. The resident site manager who lives in the tarped over mobile trailer walking his Jack Russel and looking over the debris. More ...

Jan. 19, 2023. Broken pieces of boat still floating in ocean – Deep Water Recovery doesn’t seem to care.

This clip is from Jan. 15, 2023. You will notice the piece of equipment moves away and has left the debris floating instead of removing it. Crap has been left making garbage soup. The debris has been in the water since at least Jan. 14, 2023. Pics from Jan. 19, 2023 - debris still... Continue Reading →

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