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The Predator Developer Will Now Concentrate on Area A Director – Spider to the Fly

The rot took hold with this developer 15 years ago along with the fake Union Bay Residents’ Association and has spread year after year dividing and destroying this community. In Union Bay you can only be friends with those deemed acceptable by your neighbours. Don’t have an independent thought and above all, don’t express it. Thuggish behaviour has become the norm.

This developer has been running the Union Bay Improvement District since 2005 through Sept. 2020 with the exception from April 2011 to July 2016 when we had 5 trustees working for all the landowners and not kowtowing to this developer. This developer spread falsehoods and turned the community against that board because they wouldn’t buckle under his pressure.

We can breathe a sigh of relief with the results of the referendum knowing our governance will now change. We still need to be informed – no one is claiming the CVRD is perfect – We can’t afford to be ignorant regarding issues with Union Bay and its future.

The developer knows now his flunky trustees and the landowner who claims not to be his “representative” have done all they can for him including negotiating the 2017 WIA which really gives Union Bay squat. Sure he gave 4 acres of land for the water treatment plant (yet his own consultants never identify any land within the development as suitable) at the same elevation as the existing waterworks. They negotiated DOWN on the agreed upon 4 acres for a new firehall. Great negotiators! I’d like to know how he came to the 4 acre figure since he had previously claimed 5 acres was too small. After all the promises over the years by this developer and that’s all they got in their “negotiations”? Do we have “soaker pits for the peat slurry” and are we paying trucking fees to haul the slurry away?

The Molstad board purchased the land the developer’s own consultants identified as the ideal location for the water treatment facility but for some reason the developer was opposed (which is contrary to his own statement in the last email exchange below “Phase 2 will see the new facility closer to the lake”) and offered the 4 acres at the same elevation as the old waterworks. His flunkies got on the board and sold “the ideal location” back to the original seller and instead built on 4 acres. The developer must have told them it was the right size and why would they ever question the bullshit being fed to them? What is going to happen in the future 20 40 years from now? Did they consider they may need a larger piece of land? Where will that leave future landowners – will they have to start from scratch and purchase land and build larger because we had ignorant manipulated people ignoring the future needs of Union Bay?

The developer favoured our current Area A Director when he ran for the position a couple of years ago. The developer didn’t want anyone who knew the history so his flunky trustees campaigned against a local who knew the entire history of this developer in Union Bay and campaigned for Arbour who has made positive statements about the Union Bay Estates development. Spider to the fly.

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Some Developers are Predators and Destroy the Communities They Target – Union Bay Stopped being “The Friendly Port” when KIP Divided the Community with Empty Promises and Outright Lies.

VOTE YES for conversion

General Voting day set for Saturday, Nov. 28. Voting time from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Union Bay Community Hall.

Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study.

Kensington Island Properties knew it was easy to manipulate people if you pat them on their heads and tell them how smart they are. KIP convinced a group of landowners to support the development and get elected on the UBID board years ago. None of the individuals had the expertise or basic knowledge of what was involved with such a huge development. KIP first convinced UBID trustees that the promises made to the community would actually materialize which resulted in years passing without any action by UBID planning for future projects because they believed KIP would be paying for everything.

The community supported the development in March 2006 when Bob Long, CAO advised Langley Lake would not be considered as a water source and 14 conditions must be met by KIP.

In Oct. of the same year the community faced a referendum on becoming a Municipality. Those cosy with KIP declared “we would be in the drivers seat” negotiating directly with KIP and getting rid of the pesky Regional District being involved. The Union Bay Residents’ Association put out false and misleading information all the while planning on changing the water source if the outcome was a YES to municipality status. Brian McMahon was a member and aware of this plan by unelected landowners to overturn what the community was promised mere months earlier.

This is where the rot started in the community by landowners who believed they knew what was best for Union Bay. Susan Hargreaves and Ruth McVeigh, founders of the Union Bay Residents’ Association became the mouthpiece for KIP and spread the bullshit and the rot of dividing the community took hold.

As a member of the UBRA, I questioned their actions and was told to do something to myself which was physically impossible and promptly removed from their fake association. UBRA eventually was dissolved as they only abided by the rules of a society the first year to give them cover for their undemocratic actions.

KIP ran a full page ad encouraging Municipality status knowing if a YES was the outcome he would be able to manipulate a mayor and council made up of those he has groomed.

This letter to the editor from Oct. 2006 questions McMahon’s actions with the full page ad.

NOTE: All the promises – this was 2006 – what has materialized since then? How come we were all so ignorant? Why didn’t anyone challenge this developer on some of the statements like raising the dam. We don’t own the land around Langley Lake and can’t raise the dam. Why didn’t anyone question the $17.4 Million dollars for the water supply alone? We now know when KIP stated $17.4 Million development costs, they meant the Capital Expense Charges paid for each lot to UBID which is presently around $8,900. KIP was never going to give the community anything. KIP was dictating what these CEC’s would be spent on. KIP believes the CEC’s is “giving” to Union Bay. So you folks who purchased lots to build your home and paid the $8,900. to UBID – we should thank you for your “gift”.

Here’s an article from the Record Oct. 2006, UBID stating KIP would pay $17 Million. Misinformation from elected officials regarding KIP has been the diet of Union Bay. It’s been one ignorant mistake after another because people may have good intentions – we simply do not have the expertise required. Emphasis added by me.

This from Sept. 1, 2016: “We were upgrading their water system at our cost,” McMahon said. “We have $1.2 million that’s been set aside that is in our lawyer’s trust account for the upgrades…” Wait a second – wasn’t it an interest free loan that caused those 424 landowners to sign the petition demanding KIP be given an extension? McMahon knew the agreement was dead but had his flunkies convince people it wasn’t.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that his trustees chose to ignore a petition from over 400 landowners to become a service area of the CVRD in Nov. 2016 since he obviously was against it according to the article below. That’s why the trustees were never able to answer questions – they didn’t know why they were making the decisions – just that they were supposed to make them.

Kensington Island Properties ruined Union Bay by pitting those who wanted to believe against those who dared to ask questions. This developer is not your friend – it is a predator. This developer know it’s harder to bullshit experts he may face at the CVRD. Remember he did say it’s not exactly dealing with Wall St. referring to the UBID Board.

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Example of Why You Can’t Trust What You Are Told – Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. – You Are Paying Now!

This editorial by the then editor of the Comox Valley Record is a perfect example of some of the blatant misinformation provided to the community on behalf of this development.  The editor falsely states KIP would pay a significant part of the filtration system, Sewage treatment system and a new Fire Hall.  I highlighted the text.  I guess the editor didn’t bother to read the judge’s decision that the landowners were not given the opportunity to speak to the change in water source for KIP.

“The issue is, and always has been, water” Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009

Lots of information of what transpired on my old blog including the falsehoods provided the the FAKE Union Bay Residents’ Association headed by Susan Hargreaves (who managed to confuse this referendum with joining the Regional District at the last UBID meeting Jan. 18, 2018).   People are gullible.

I’m not complaining about having to pay my share as I never believed the bullshit spewed by KIP and supporters (suckers).

By the way, KIP won’t be contributing CEC’s until he starts building homes – can’t build homes without a sewage system.  The CEC’s are what UBID is relying on for funds to help pay for the huge infrastructure costs we are facing.

Democracy loses

The Courtenay Comox Valley Record.  Courtenay, B.C.:Feb 15, 2008.  p. A34
Full Text
(297  words)
(Copyright (c) 2008 Black Press Group Ltd.)

If democracy manifests the will of the majority, then what has happened with the Kensington Island Properties proposal is most undemocratic.

It’s been obvious for some time that a clear majority of Union Bay residents approved of KIP’s 342-hectare development proposal called Kensington Coastal Pointe.

After an agonizing decade-long process culminating in Kensington meeting more than 20 conditions insisted upon by the Comox Strathcona Regional District (CSRD), KIP finally appeared to have a green light late last year.

That’s when a small group of dissidents calling themselves the Baynes Sound Area Society for Sustainability (BSASS) appealed at the 11th hour to some skilful development-killers from Victoria.

In short order, a lawsuit was filed and the K’omoks Band adopted a hard-line stance absent in previous discussions with Kensington.

With new demands from the local native band and a predictable complaint about lack of consultation, the provincial government withheld approval of bylaws necessary for the project to proceed.

Kensington vice-president Brian McMahon could not be blamed for throwing up his hands and walking away.

Valley residents should be vigilant to protect their interests and way of life in the face of major developments proposed for the area — and that is not meant to criticize the Trilogy project in Cumberland.

But Coastal Pointe is a responsible development that even includes provision for Habitat for Humanity housing. Kensington improved salmon habitat in Washer Creek and was prepared to pay a significant part of the cost for a badly needed water filtration system, sewage treatment system and a new fire hall.

If Kensington walks away, how will the 1,000 residents of Union Bay pay for that?

God help the people in Union Bay who helped to kill the project if they’re ever overheard complaining about having to pay their share.