Kensington Island Properties has only met MDA conditions for Parks and Trails and Discovery Centre – no subdivision

This is a follow up on this post: Geez, reality is far removed from the letter from the President of KIP when it was called The Union Bay Community. Spewed bs about "all the heavy lifting", water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, blah blah blah. Coal hills would be remediated and sand was going... Continue Reading →

Another reason to dump this hillbilly form of government – Improvement Districts not required to inform landowners the same as other government bodies

There is a reason why there is never ever any new improvement districts created. It is not a fair and accountable form of governance. It is outdated. The Ministry replied to my question as to why UBID wasn't arranging for electronic meetings during the pandemic. Received this from Chair Munro. Note the line about 2... Continue Reading →

UBID. Does it make you feel better knowing other towns are run by incompetents?

Bring on the conversion to become a service area of the CVRD - We are being governed by individuals displaying the Dunning Kruger effect. Why didn't the UBID Admin follow the news release of May 1, 2020 from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing? There certainly was no hesitation to inform landowners we wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Looks like the KIP MDA has been triggered – can it be true after all the years of bullshit?

Year after year of bullshit - is the MDA actually proceeding? Will be interesting to see what sewage plan will be presented since the CVRD claims to have nothing to do with the application KIP has made to dump 1875 Cubic metres of treated sewage daily into Washer/Hart Creek even though they would own it... Continue Reading →

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