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Good Fucking Riddance!

Noticed a “sold” sign on home belonging to the couple who, in my opinion, fucked up just about everything in Union Bay since arriving here. Would have preferred they sat and paid the price along with all the other landowners stuck with their financial fuckups, or death, but hey, you can’t always get what you wish for. They’ll have to go a hell of a long way away to reinvent themselves.  Don’t forget to leave a forwarding address so when you do finally croak, I’ll leave a nice big steaming turd on your grave! Concerns Over Ownership Too bad for Union Bay, there is already another steaming turd couple filling the void left by the departure of these er, um, “things”. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH ps.  any chance you could pack the fucking retard Sonny Day and rid the valley of “it” too?   And YES, he is fucking stupid.