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Area “A” Director Playing With Words, Changing Facts – Cue a Hissy Fit Coming

I sent Daniel Arbour an email asking him to correct a statement he made on the Union Bay Bulletin Board. Arbour changed the wording but did anything but correct his error. Arbour chose to ignore the email below from Liz Archibald, Section Head, South Authorizational Environmental Protection Division, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, who stated “During the review phase of the application, the application was found to be deficient. The application has since been sent back to the applicant to submit a complete final application. The applicant has not communicated when we should expect the final application package.”

Arbour claims to have read the info I forwarded to him which included the email below and determined the information to be “… reviewed by the Province and is getting re-worked.” When asked where he obtained the ‘reworked’ information, he refused to respond. There is no application submitted at this time. Union Bay Estates must submit a complete final application. Does Union Bay Estates have the ear of our Director who refuses to state the application was deficient?

This is the same guy who threw a hissy fit when landowners relied on the information on his website. This is what he stated about the line at the top of my blog. “The statement about “intentionally lying” at the top of your blog is quite ironic, by the way.  I know where I stand with you and Paul, and I will attempt to clarify with Union Bay residents the misinformation you spread, and lack if perspective on this matter.”

Well Daniel, how about manning up and clarify with Union Bay residents the misinformation you are currently spreading? I asked, did he speak to someone who told him the application was being ‘reworked’? Didn’t you take your own advice about minimal due diligence or it doesn’t apply to you? Your words: “You could have contacted me. You could have checked to see if Union Bay Estates has lawyers there. You could have contacted our EA Teresa. Any of the above would be minimal due diligence.

Arbour does the minimum due diligence in providing accurate information to landowners. He is fine when the info is flowing one way, (from him), but the second you have a follow up question, he runs away and wants CVRD staff to answer for him. Is he our representative or not? Goober.

This is the email chain regarding the misinformation Arbour had posted and his cowardly actions.

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Mosaic commits to logging plans near Langley Lake

EDIT July 5,2021: received the following from Area A Director Daniel Arbour yesterday when I asked what were the next steps he would take now that Mosaic is proceeding.

Regional district members wanted to defer harvesting to discuss watershed

Mosaic Forest Management plans to go ahead with logging plans near Langley Lake sometime over the summer.

Union Bay and Comox Valley Regional District representatives had called for logging to be put on hold for work on a watershed plan, but company representatives have told the CVRD board it is confident of its plans to protect the watershed while logging.

“We will attempt the complete harvest in the dry season,” Molly Hudson, Mosaic’s director of sustainability, told the CVRD board at a meeting on June 29.

RELATED STORY: Comox Valley board wants to halt Union Bay-area logging plans

Hudson outlined on a map the plans for two roughly nine-hectare, second-growth blocks. The closest the work will come to the lake, which provides drinking water for Union Bay, is about 600 metres, with other parts extending to a kilometre or more away.

“There’s no water in these blocks today,” she said. “There are ephemeral, non-fish streams.”

She stressed the creek beds are currently dry, so conducting harvesting during the summer should reduce the chance of any effects on the lake. They will also haul away the timber in the opposite direction from the lake.

The company reiterated the point that it wanted to hold off any harvesting plans until the Union Bay community’s new water treatment plant was operational. Mosaic representatives said they operate in 34 community watersheds on the island and are prevented by provincial legislation from negatively affecting water quality.

“We can’t control the water source, but we can manage that risk,” said David Beleznay, Mosaic’s manager for hydrology and terrain.

Area A director Daniel Arbour credited the company foresters and staff but reiterated concerns he has had with logging near the lake. He has called for logging plans to be deferred so local government and company can come up up with a more detailed watershed plan.

Arbour also said he could foresee some opportunities such as working toward some kind of carbon credit program with the company.

“I believe a project could be supported through local governments,” he said.

Other members of the CVRD board had issues with suggestions the logging practices represented the “best science” available in terms of methods. Chair Jesse Ketler said this description seems to fit within the practices of clear-cut logging, and she suggested other means such as selective logging or heli-logging might be better.

Hudson responded the company uses many different methods to harvest timber, adding that certain methods are designed to promote the reforestation of seedlings.

“We harvest in a whole bunch of different ways across the landscape,” she said. “These decisions are not made solely from a cost perspective.”

As part of the presentation, the Mosaic representatives outlined the company’s stewardship work to protect forests and watersheds, which includes working with different organizations for environment enhancement and certification.

“It’s a big step for us on our path toward carbon neutrality,” Hudson said.

She talked about other efforts such as reforestation and reducing the burning of residual debris.

“We’ve been working in recent years to reduce our pile burning,” she said.

Area C director Edwin Grieve asked whether the company had been approached by any businesses about using its residual material, especially in light of its goals over burning.

Beleznay said the company is open to looking at more ways to reduce burning.

“The door’s wide open,” he said.

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Answers from CVRD Regarding Sewage Grant Application, Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Sewage Application and Gravel/sand Pit Application

I think we are screwed.

What criteria is used to approve the developer to use a specific area of the over 700 acres of land as a gravel pit?

Does the CVRD have a say in the location of the Gravel/Sand pit?

Update on the Sewage Grant application for Union Bay and Royston.

Does Kensington Island Properties sewage application to dump treated sewage into Hart/Washer Creek meet the conditions in the MDA?

Is the CVRD willing to own a system that dumps treated sewage into Hart/Washer Creek as set out in the MDA?

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CVRD Zoom Meeting Update for Areas A, B and C Today at Noon

Opportunity to ask questions.

These are the questions I submitted:

Typo – should read ‘willingly’

UPDATE: Video of the meeting. Didn’t get all my questions answered as some of those answering wandered off to things I didn’t ask, but have come away with more info. These meetings are so important and easy to attend and get answers from those making the decisions.

The first half hour is a presentation by each Area Director and the second half is questions.

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Info From CVRD – Logging, Conversion and Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Parks and Trails

Lots of info in these documents – let’s be informed.

Logging in the Watershed. Hopefully, Daniel will be successful in protecting our watershed. Nice to see someone forging ahead to actually protect our water source for the future instead of just begging the logging company to hold off over and over.


Sorry, I put the wrong link – corrected now. KIP dedicated Parks and Trails:

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Union Bay Getting Beat Up on All Fronts – Developer’s Gravel/sand Pit, Dumping Treated Sewage in Hart/Washer Creek, and now Logging in the Watershed

Another subject the gong show trustees proved to be useless at addressing. Previous posts when this came up in Jan. 2018 – after Trustee Kaljur brought it up at their first meeting in Nov. 2016, and was repeatedly ignored.

Have to give Area A Director Daniel Arbour credit for alerting the landowners to this proposed logging in the watershed. We paid over $5 million for a water treatment plant, and how is it going to handle the effects logging will have on what goes into the lake?

Drone footage of Langley Lake that is from Dec. 2016 and Aug. 2015.