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Union Bay Improvement District Law Suit Update

I love heartburn Fridays. ūüôā ¬†These should provide interesting reading.parties involved

Here are the documents you’ve been waiting for the white elephant you now own. ¬†Ye Hawwwww..The Heart of Union Baythird party notice filed 31 may¬†response to civil claim filed 31 mayno kidding copySo, who wants to take credit for the plaintiff’s legal review of the title? ¬†Someone made the decision. ¬†No lawyer reviewed the title? ¬†Wouldn’t this normally be handled by UBID’s lawyers? ¬†Someone made the decision to forgo having a lawyer review the documents and instead, the Credit Union and the Union Bay Improvement District used the same Notary. ¬†That worked out fine for the Credit Union – they get their money even if UBID gets screwed, even though the Credit Union provided a mortgage on a property that had these Notations. ¬†Who made these decisions? ¬†The individuals the electorate put in there and let them have free reign, never questioning or asking for proof. ¬†Turning a blind eye to the underhanded actions of their friends and relatives. ¬†But of course, no one will be able to recall what happened. ¬†A look of confusion will appear on the faces and answers will not be forthcoming – because no one has the guts to ask questions.

By the way, the present Board is every bit as good as the previous ones.  Same play, different actors.

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Kensington Island Properties – Does Union Bay Still Love You?

Letter to mcmahon fr west coast service centre nov 2009

So exactly what did the Union Bay Community Club change to accommodate Kensington Island Properties?

West Fraser Mills apr 13 2009

So what’s the hold up with the clean up? ¬†Could it be another load of crap by a developer who has yet to produce anything substantial other than temporarily repairing Washer Creek and clearing land here and there?

These people are incredibly gullible and still think slick is going to give them something.  Where are all those loudmouths now?   Hillbillies.

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Remediation of a Coal Waste Pile in Union Bay, BC

seacor inc

This was when Union Bay was being baffled by bullshit from a developer that never produces – KIP has been a blowhard windbag since arriving in Union Bay, supported by the local windbags who jumped on the KIP bandwagon. ¬†Don’t hear much from them now.

Click on this link for the complete pdf and all the pretty pictures and bs.   Remediation of a Coal Waste Pile in Union Bay, BC

The only money KIP ever spent was on the pictures of a concept to suck morons into believing the crap.

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Kensington Island Properties Death Sentence

Finally, someone has noticed slick is all talk.  Force KIP to follow through on the endless list of empty promises.  Clean up the Coal Hills before developing.

Now maybe people will get their heads out of their asses and accept the fact the community was sold a dream by Kensington Island Properties. ¬†Well, to be fair, the dolts wanted to believe and jumped on the old KIP wagon and away they went. ¬†Planning big futures, big development, big, big, big. ¬†Back to reality, your homes are overpriced because you were sold a dream and that has turned into a nightmare. ¬†In this economy what contractors do you know who would be willing to buy lots from KIP to build homes? ¬†This development should never have gone past the hearing stage. ¬†Whining and crying about all the delays everyone else caused, always claiming KIP was ‘ready to go’ and other bodies were holding the project up. ¬†What a pile of BS. ¬†There is no money to clean up the coal hills and the small amount done in 2005 consisted of a top layer of Sky Rocket – specifically advised NOT to use as a top layer.

For those who bought ordinary homes in Union Bay for over $300,000. when the prices were high and told KIP was coming and sewer and water and Jesus (I added Jesus), you paid for the dream of the future and the meaningless promises of a developer, backed and promoted by the Union Bay Residents’ Association. ¬†Your homes weren’t worth it then and now that KIP is dead there will be a correction. ¬†Hope you didn’t mortgage yourselves to the hilt.

Here’s the MLS listings from May 25, 2006 in the Comox Valley mls listings may 25 2006

sampleFor those who prefer charts, graphs, etc.:  Courtney-ComoxValley-june05