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Upset Kensington Island Properties Supporter Or ?

WARNING: I don’t exist to meet your expectations.
Upset Kensington Island Properties Supporter

The following comment appeared in response to my posting “Kensington Island Properties Update” video on the cumberlander:  


By Sonny Day
Yesterday · I understand you are no longer a Union Bay landowner. If that is true then why you are still so concerned about what KIP is doing in Union Bay.

Only those who’s property values will be affected by this development and water treatment should be concerned. As a tenant if you don’t like what is happening in Union Bay you can just up and move.

Comments by you at UBID Board meetings and in this media are simply your personal opinions and do not reflect “concerns” of the majority of actual landowners in Union Bay.

Is this goof for real?  This is a perfect example of the mentality encouraged here and it covers so many subjects.  Particularly bristly about my question at the meeting regarding Mr. McMahon being a ‘ghost’.  Guess they prefer ‘Saviour’.
More to come – where’s spooky?  🙂

UPDATE JUNE 25, 2012:

The turd impersonating a human has surfaced again on The Cumberlander

This mental midget stated:   I just made a simple comment about why you are still so concerned about KIP in Union Bay when you no longer are a land owner there.
Funny, I would have said “land owner here“, since that’s where I live.  I don’t think this piece of shit coward lives in Union Bay.

AND… it must be some dumb woman.  Do men usually use OMG as a title?  No.   

Sonny Day before and after sex change.
Mama passed on her good looks.

How’s that for a start?  You can go and tell everyone what terrible things that heartless Mary Reynolds said about you and your dead mother.

Oh wait.  No you can’t – you don’t exist asshole. Fishing for imaginary sympathy get’s you just that – the sky is the limit – how about throwing in a disease you could make up and of course it would be terminal.

Here’s an insult to the ‘Sonny Day’ posting on the Cumberlander – I’m glad your mother is dead.  Maybe call your lawyer Sonny. 

“Did you hear the awful things Mary Reynolds said about the imaginary person and their dead mother?”

You may as well have signed in as Zero.

UPDATE:  June 27, 2012
I compiled this information in January 2010, after the Dec. 2009 KIP hearings, when I criticized the fact anyone could support KIP in order to push this development through, when it should have been left up to the landowners. 

Where was spineless Sonny Day and buddies when I brought up this issue? 
Couldn’t possibly be a real KIP supporter as KIP VP and his lawyer got 100 companies to support the project with an ad in the local papers.  Couldn’t have been a member of the Fake Union Bay Residents’ Association as they were getting support from outside Union Bay.  
Sonny is too dumb to think of what took place before it decided to grow an imaginary spine.  

You are not going to shut me up – get used to it.  🙂

Would you like me to forward your comments to Ruth McVeigh in Ottawa so she knows you want her to mind her own business?
How ridiculous and useless these public hearings are. 
    Red:  Union Bay Resident.
Orange:  More than one submission.

Yellow:  Realtor – non resident.
Green:  Businesses supporting KIP including those who have been hired by KIP.  Specifically Focus and McElhanney Consulting.  

The information is available to the public at the Comox Valley Regional District.      

Neutral:  one who does not side with any party in a war or dispute. Are these residents content with being labeled neutral?
  Neutral submissions received at the hearing Dec. 7, 2009
  1. Bill Alcock                  Union Bay
  2. Anne Alcock              Union Bay
  3. Gordon McLellan     Union Bay
  4. Anonymous               unknown
  5. Carol Molstad            Union Bay
  6. Jack Stevens               Union Bay
  7. Roy Storey                  Union Bay
  8. Joe Tarnowski            Union Bay
  9. Gerry Sando               Union Bay
  10. N. White                     Union Bay
  11. G.  White                    Union Bay
  12. R. Dettman                 Union Bay
  13. T. Dettman                 Union Bay
  14. K. Hobby                     Union Bay
  15. Barbara Murphy        Union Bay
  16. Cleve Goldswain        Union Bay
  17. M. Goldswain             Union Bay
  18. Leona Katovic             Union Bay
  19. Alex Kinasewich         Union Bay
  20. Kathleen Kinasewich      Union Bay
  21. Dennis Burley                  Union Bay
  22. Patricia Burley                 Union Bay
  23. Colleen Leary                   Union Bay
  24. Ivy Reynolds                     Union Bay
  25. Rebecca Kenner              Union Bay
  26. Ted Kenner                       Union Bay
  27. Kay Hilborn                       Union Bay
  28. W. Hamilton                     Union Bay
  29. Krata??                               Union Bay?
  30. Joanne Tarnowski         Union Bay
  31. Janet Morrison               Union Bay
  32. Joe Tarnowski                Union Bay
  33. Del Reynolds                  Union Bay
  34. S. Katovic                         Union Bay
  35. N. Morisseau                  Union Bay
  36. M. Reinarovic                 Union Bay
  37. Ken Beard                        Union Bay
  38. Jane Beard                       Union Bay
  39. Ron Wheatley                Union Bay
  40. Esther Wheatley           Union Bay
  41. Perry Johnson                Union Bay
  42. Sandra Carruthers        Union Bay
  43. Colleen Carruthers      Union Bay
  44. Rex Obermann              Union Bay
  45. Burton Egger                  Union Bay
  46. Delores Bullen              Union Bay
  47. Brian Huddle                  Union Bay
  48. William Bullen              Union Bay
Neutral Submissions Received prior to public hearing re: bylaws 56 and 57.

  1. Dennis Haner              Union Bay
  2. Carol Molstad            Union Bay
  3. Jack Minard                 ?
  4. Dave Molstad            Union Bay
  5. Mike Bell                     Sierra Club Comox Valley
  6. Debbie Prowse         ?
  7. James Smith              Union Bay
  8. G. White                      Union Bay
  9. N.  White                     Union Bay
  10. Gary Clarke                 ?
  11. G. Hood                        Buckley Bay
  12. Danielle Bilodeau   Union Bay
  13. James Smith              Union Bay 

Submissions received and submitted by James Smith for consideration by the RD in regards to Bylaws 56 and 57 at the hearing in Union Bay Dec. 7/09. Submissions made through the web server “Kensington YES”  

  1. Janet Murphy           Union Bay
  2. Vic Sytnick             Holiday Rd
  3. Rachel Cowling        Cumberland
  4. Richard Toller          Buckley Bay rd.
  5. Roger Labrecque       Spindrift Rd.
  6. Michael Sloan          Nanaimo
  7. Mike Seymour          Gladiola Ave. Victoria   Committee Chair: Mike Seymour MSR Solutions Inc.
  8. Weyden Langille        Courtenay
  9. Dave Smith             email is  postal is Victoria
  10. Jim Malick              SLR Consulting Vancouver
  11. Wayne Schofield        Wayne Schofield – Manager, Ketza Pacific Campbell River
  12. Lynne Blair              Courtenay
  13. Alex Bates              Campbell River email
  14. Kerry Barth              Comox 
  15. Matthias Gottmann      Comox
  16. Lynn Gottmann          Administrative Supervisor with McElhanney Consulting Services
  17. Dan O’Brien             Sapphire Group in Calgary?  “Integrated water and wastewater solutions”.
  18. Jackie Prescott          Comox
  19. William Carr-Hilton       email
  20. Reg Kent                Courtenay
  21. Christine Aidred       Kilmarnock
  22. Dan Huras               President Sapphire Group Calgary
  23. Julie Reynolds           Fanny Bay
  24. Gary Smythe             Buckley Bay Road
  25. Anne Bridgman –         Calgary
  26. Rebecca Gorman        Kilmarnock
  27. Brenda Scorah           Courtenay
  28. Grant Atchison           Dove Creek Rd
  29. Donna Lemmon        Fanny Bay
  30. Jean Luc Charbonneau   Courtenay. 
  31. Len Landry               Courtenay Realtor
  32. Randall Hawes           Courtenay
  33. Chuck Tyler               Comox
  34. Brad Mckay               Courtenay
  35. Howie Siemens           Inverness
  36. Ralph Foster              Union Bay
  37. Richard Macintosh        Courtenay
  38. Trisha Harris              Courtenay
  39. Joanne Tarnowski         Union Bay
  40. Clark Tarr                 Kilmarnock Dr.
  41. W/D Messer               Spindrift Rd.
  42. Daryl Hitchcock            Minto Rd.
  43. Bob Ash                   Comox
  44. Harold Kilgour             Kilmarnock Dr.
  45. G. Elliott                  Courtenay
  46. James Timmins           Courtenay
  47. Dave Odamura           Comox       Realtor
  48. Janice Wagemann        Kilmarnock Dr.
  49. Donna Ogilvie             Courtenay
  50. Bob Ell                    Kilmarnock Dr.
  51. Christopher Kelsall        Victoria
  52. Dean Hills                Union Bay
  53. Michelle Otterson         Union Bay
  54. Gary Dane                Union Bay
  55. Barb Clay                 Courtenay
  56. Lea Monas                Cumberland Rd.
  57. Leanne Boyd              Laurel Dr.
  58. Elizabeth Campbell Duke  Mystery Beach Rd.
  59. Sherri-lee Mathers         Arran Rd.
  60. Karen Little                Union Bay
  61. Blayne Prowse            Cumberland
  62. Dave MacSween          Comox   .
  63. Don Hughes              Courtenay   Realtor
  64. Gord Parnham            Courtenay
  65. Courtnay Verbrugge       Courtenay Realtor
  66. Karen Provost             Courtenay   Realtor
  67. Shirley McKay             Union Bay
  68. Russ Boutilier             Courtenay
  69. Howard Ellis              Campbell River Rd.
  70. Tracy Ellis                Campebll River Rd.
  71. Craig Bickle              Courtenay
  72. James McBride           Union Bay  2 submissions
  73. Kevin White              Comox
  74. Douglas McRae          Comox
  75. Mackenzie Gartside      Comox
  76. Ian Bowie                Courtenay
  77. Sharon Beristain         Courtenay
  78. Guiliermo Beristain       Courtenay
  79. Elaine Isfeld              Courtenay
  80. Barbara Simonson       Courtenay
  81. Richard Roberts          Courtenay
  82. Dave Fontaine           Courtenay
  83. Stuart Sands             Courtenay  Realtor
  84. Brian Vernon             Courtenay
  85. Neil Woodrow            Courtenay Realtor
  86. Donald Carlson           Comox
  87. Neil Moreau              Comox  Realtor
  88. Rod Spink                Comox  Realtor
  89. Harry Nixon               Kilmarnock Dr.  I believe this is J. Smith FIL lives in Courtenay
  90. Lisa McKee               Royston  Realtor
  91. Aksel Porsild              Courtenay
  92. Theon Isfeld               Courtenay
  93. Marty Gates               Comox Lake
  94. Nora Andrade             Union Bay
  95. Monica McDermid         Kilmarnock Dr.
  96. Lloyd Muckle              Comox
  97. George Wagemann       Kilmarnock Dr.
  98. Detlef Recktenwald       Comox
  99. Scott Fraser              Comox  Realtor
  100. Ken & Gladys Schmidt    Courtenay
  101. Gilles Guilbault            Comox
  102. K. Collinge                Courtenay
  103. Iris Peterson              Courtenay
  104. Paul Deeton              Courtenay
  105. Ernie Adamschek         Courtenay
  106. Ian Sibbald               Courtenay
  107. Shelley Gartside          Courtenay 
  108. Lyn Biart                  Comox
  109. Barbara Baker            Comox
  110. Archie Harris              Comox
  111. Linda Harris              Comox
  112. Debbie Zigay             Black Creek   Realtor
  113. Dennis Dixon             courtenay
  114. Barbara Metheral        Courtenay
  115. David Brooker           Comox
  116. Philip MacLaren         Comox
  117. Ron Webber            Courtenay
  118. Peter Dobbs            Courtenay
  119. Marg Grant              Washington Crescent
  120. Gordon Grant            Washington Crescent
  121. Rob Silcox              Comox
  122. Pamela Brodie          Comox
  123. Jamie Edwards          Lists Royal LePage address  Realtor
  124. Michael Emerson        Comox Realtor
  125. Barbara Magnusson     Courtenay Realtor
  126. Brian Shaw              Cumberland  Realtor
  127. Mark Fleming           Comox  Realtor
  128. Rob Nygren             Courtenay  Realtor
  129. Rikk Buijs               Union Bay
  130. Stephanie Buijs         Union Bay
  131. Lorraine Webber        Courtenay
  132. Don Sharpe             Comox  I believe this is the Director of Business Operation at Mount Washington
  133. Larry Epp               Courtenay 
  134. Susanne Bazett         Courtenay
  135. Marianne Buijs          Courtenay
  136. Michelle Forslund       Courtenay
  137. Bonaventure Thorburn   Bowser member bc onsite sewage association
  138. Lyle Brodie               Comox
  139. Mike Oldale              2 submissions Courtenay  Water Works Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers
  140. Ben-Zion Eni            Courtenay
  141. Leanne Zdebiak         Courtenay
  142. Randy Spicer            Vivian Way Fanny Bay
  143. Dan Wilson              Courtenay  Owner Jackson & Associates Appraisers
  144. John Bazett             Comox
  145. Nancy Embury          Holiday Rd Fanny Bay
  146. John Embury            Holiday Rd. Fanny Bay   
  147. Sandy Grant            Courtenay           Employed by Bazett Land Surveying
  148. Catherine Keylock      Courtenay Real Estate Developer
  149. Rick Jackson            Royston   President Island Pole and Piling Limited
  150. Lawrie McIntyre         Comox 
  151. Scott Harrison          Courtenay
  152. Andrew Gower          Courtenay 
  153. Dave Bazett             Courtenay   Bazett Land Surveying
  154. Kevin Boily              Courtenay 
  155. Joan Deforest           Mystery Beach Road
  156. Doris Zdebiak           Comox 
  157. Ed Gavigan             Courtenay
  158. Paul Schaffhauser       Courtenay
  159. Annemarie Pletscher    3010 Royston Rd Cumberland same address as Island Timber Frame.
  160. Stefan Pletscher         Comox   Island Timber Frame Ltd 
  161. Kip Keylock              Courtenay  Real Estate Developer
  162. Judi Buschien           6563 Island Hwy
  163. Garry Dixon             Courtenay 
  164. Josh Elzinga            Courtenay
  165. Linda Ritchie            Courtenay 
  166. Angus Wood            Courtenay  Realtor
  167. Ian Parsons             Courtenay 
  168. Joe Formosa            Dove Creek Rd.   West Edge Developments Corp.
  169. Stewart Graham        Comox  
  170. Catherine Wood        Courtenay
  171. Clark Tarr              Kilmarnock
  172. Joan Tarr               Kilmarnock
  173. Leslie Hintz             Courtenay 
  174. Andrew Rice            Rice Toyota Courtenay
  175. Mark Avery             Courtenay 
  176. Kelly Clausen           Comox  Slegg Lumber
  177. Dawn DeHaas          Montrose Dr. 
  178. Angeline Street         Courtenay 
  179. James Street           Courtenay 
  180. Alan Fletcher           AFC Construction  Courtenay
  181. Steven Yan            Vancouver 
  182. Karl and Lisa Simer    Walker Rd.
  183. Michael Chenier       Courtenay  Realtor
  184. Robert Grant          Mystery Beach Rd. Buckley Bay.
  185. Edda Grant           Mystery  Beach Rd.  Buckley Bay.
  186. Terry Hebblethwaite   Union Bay
  187. Russ Hebblethwaite   Union Bay
  188. Bob Ogilvie           Courtenay 
  189. Brian Pickwick        Walker Rd.,
  190. Laurie Pickwick       Walker Rd.
  191. Linda Grant          Courtenay 
  192. Tricia St. Pierre      Comox
  193. Craig Bickle          Courtenay 
  194. Marie Gordon        Comox
  195. Donald Gordon       Comox
  196. Molly Parker         Kilmarnock Dr.
  197. Barb Nixon          Kilmarnock Dr.
  198. Rosalie Crofford     Courtenay
  199. R.D. Forsayeth      Garvin Rd.
  200. Dan Verdun          Tappin St.
  201. Linda Ritchie        Courtenay
  202. Guillermo Mier      Courtenay
  203. Ronald St. Pierre    Courtenay
  204. Larry Harding       Courtenay
  205. Bernie Poole        Comox  Realtor
  206. Greg Kennedy       Merville
  207. Lynnel Kennedy     Merville
  208. Karyn Ruel          Comox 
  209. Linda Meyers        Comox 
  210. Art Meyers           Comox  Realtor
  211. Gary Jeannotte      Union Bay
  212. Mary Bowen         Garvin Rd.
  213. Barry Bowen         Garvin Rd.,
  214. Ray Silvey           Bowser
  215. Mandy Prowse      Courtenay 
  216. Neil Havers          Courtenay
  217. John Gray           Courtenay
  218. Mark Zdebiak        Courtenay
  219. Barry Sawatzky      Garvin Rd.,
  220. Susan Hargreaves   Union Bay
  221. Denise Jeffery       Spence Rd.
  222. Les Whitford         Langley BC
  223. Randy Willis         Courtenay  Realtor
  224. Jim Gordon          Courtenay  Realtor
  225. Chris Brulotte        Comox  Realtor
  226. Earl Costello         Courtenay  Realtor
  227. Rick Gibson          Courtenay  Realtor
  228. Phil Edgett           Courtenay   Realtor
  229. Mike Fisher          Comox   Realtor
  230. Maarjorie Rosie      Courtenay 
  231. Darcy Rainey        Union Bay
  232. Melanie Trupp       Monarch Dr. Union Bay
  233. Charmaine Britton    Victoria 
  234. Met Sparkes         Courtenay 
  235. Ellen Pawlina        Courtenay
  236. Sigrid Lees          Courtenay
  237. Lisa Banks          Courtenay
  238. Mark Bond          Courtenay
  239. Joan McCartney     Courtenay
  240. Kim Jackson        Comox Realtor
  241. Nelleke Young      Union Bay
  242. Jim Palmer         Union Bay
  243. Joost Juijs          Union Bay
  244. Keitha Spink        Comox  Realtor
  245. Barb Robinson      Courtenay  Realtor
  246. Jackie Jeannotte    Union Bay
  247. Joe Smith           Union Bay
  248. Carol Smith         Union Bay
  249. Elizabeth Nyhof     Union Bay
  250. Gary O’Neill         Union Bay
  251. Betty O’Neill        Union Bay
  252. Melanie McCollum   Union Bay
  253. Anjie deJersey      Union Bay
  254. Alan deJersey       Union Bay
  255. Nic Pisterzi          Royston
  256. Nora Godfrey       Union Bay
  257. David Godfrey      Union Bay
  258. Blair Polischuk      Union Bay
  259. Jasmen McLellan   Courtenay  Realtor
  260. Kurt Nielsen        Courtenay  Realtor
  261. Rosalia Resch      Comox 
  262. Birger Resch       Comox  Realtor
  263. Thomas Hart        Courtenay  Realtor
  264. Gregg Hart         Courtenay  Realtor
  265. Rod Spink          Comox  Realtor
  266. Danita Cox          Comox   Realtor
  267. Glenn Procter      Comox  Realtor
  268. Anna Jorgensen    Comox  Realtor
  269. Leif Jason          Comox 
  270. Dale McCartney     Courtenay Realtor
  271. Robert Hammersley  Courtenay 
  272. Dianne Hammersley  Courtenay  Realtor
  273. James Morris         Courtenay  Realtor
  274. James Smith        Union Bay
  275. Ruth McVeigh       Ottawa
Submissions made at the public hearing – supportive

    1. Brian Knox                                 Courtenay
    2. Melinda Knox                            Courtenay
    3. Barbara McDowell                   Union Bay
    4. Keitha Spink                              Comox
    5. Alan deJersey                            Union Bay
    6. Rob Markoporlos                      5625 – 1st St.
    7. Mandy Prowse                           Courtenay
    8. Marie Maltais                             Royston
    9. Brenda Worobey                        Union Bay                   
    10. Robert Worobey                         Union Bay
    11. Rachel Schneider                        Comox
    12. Bryon Billy sp?                             Comox
    13. Katherine Frank                           Comox
    14. Mark Acebiak                               Courtenay
    15. Barbara Nixon                              Union Bay
    16. James  Smith                                 Union Bay
    17. Harry Nixon                                  Courtenay
    18. Brenda Dane                                 Union Bay
    19. Anonymous                                   Courtenay
    20. Anonymous                                   Courtenay
    21. Ron Frank                                      Courtenay
    22. Ken Schmidt                                  Courtenay
    23. M. Anderson                                 5632 6th  Union Bay
    24. Jamie Mc sp?                                Kilmarnock Dr.
    25. Lidster                                            Spence Rd.
    26. Lillian Kirkland                              Union Bay
    27. John M. Murphy                           Union Bay
    28. Cy Cottingham  sp?                      Comox
    29. Rhonda Sampson                         Union Bay
    30. Rod Sprule sp?                              Unknown
    31. Joan Johnsen                                 Union Bay
    32. Kerry Kirkland                                Union Bay
    33. Sandie Rudiger sp?                       Courtenay
    34. Anonymous                                    unknown
    35. Richard Maltais                              Union Bay
    36. Caroline Rutledge                          Comox?
    37. Rob Rimmer                                    Union Bay
    38. James Street                                   Courtenay
    39. Gail Buchanan                                Union Bay
    40. Don Buchanan                                Union Bay
    41. Bill Brandes                                     Kingfisher Resort
    42. Charlie Vorchia  sp?                       Union Bay
    43. Bruce Langlands                             Union Bay
    44. Rosemarie Saunders                      Union Bay
    45. Robert Grant                                   Mystery Beach Rd.
    46. Carl Brandes                                    Kingfisher Resort
    47. Eugene Hushowy  sp ?                   Union Bay
    48. Julie Whitman                                 Union Bay
    49. Wayne Rideout                              Fanny Bay
    50. David Davidson                              Union Bay
    51. Eileen Davidson                             Union Bay
    52. Andy Mellis                                    Union Bay
    53. Lynne Blair                                     Courtenay
    54. Cindy Mellis                                   Union Bay
    55. Jan Vandenbiggelaor  sp?               Union Bay
    56. Anonymous                                   unknown
    57. Nancy Daniels                               Union Bay
    58. Donald Seller                                 Union Bay
    59. Patricia Seller                                Union Bay
    60. Bryan Fisher                                  Union Bay
    61. Scott Fraser                                  unknown
    62. Thomas F. Daniels                       Union Bay
    63. Jim Peterson                                Buckley Bay Rd.
    64. Stuart Keenan                             7072 Island Hwy
    65. Darcy Rainey                               Union Bay
    66. John Edwards                              Union Bay
    67. Ritchie Quocksister                      Courtenay
    68. Melissa Quocksister                     Courtenay
    69. Laurie Pickwick                            Union Bay
    70. Dean Hills                                    Union Bay
    71. John Whitman                               Union Bay
    72. Tammi Ladret                              Union Bay
    73. Bill Taylor                                     owner Fanny Bay Oysters
    74. Janette Glover Geidt                    Union Bay
    75. Tammi Ladret                              Union Bay
    76. Joe Smith                                     Union Bay
    77. Melinda Knox                              Band Manager  
    78. Jane Jensen                                 Union Bay
Submissions made prior to the public hearing – supportive

  1. Dave Atkinson                           President Wacor Holdings
  2. Sandy Grant                    
  3. Dave Swaile                               Bazett Land Surveying
  4. Dave Bazett                               Bazett Land Surveying
  5. Bill Taylor                                  Owner Fanny Bay Oysters
  6. Joe Smith                                   Union Bay
  7. C.  Coty                                       Courtenay
  8. Russ Hebblethwaite                   Union Bay
  9. Susan Hargreaves                      Union Bay
  10. Gary Hargreaves                       Union Bay
  11. Tom Grant                                 Comox
  12. Jackie Prescott                          Comox
  13. Ruth McVeigh                           Ottawa
  14. Paul G. Main                              Union Bay
  15. Brian Main                                 Union Bay landowner
  16. Ann Main                                   Union Bay landowner
  17. Barry Bowen                              Union Bay
  18. Mary Bowen                              Union Bay
  19. Trisha Harris                               Area B
  20. Jim Timmins                               Courtenay
  21. Doreen Timmins                        Courtenay
  22. Barry Bowen                             Union Bay
  23. Mary Bowen                              Union Bay
  24. Blayne Prowse                           Cumberland
  25. Dave Davidson                          Union Bay
  26. Eileen Davidson                          Union Bay
  27. Peter Dobbs                               Courtenay
  28. Diana Dobbs                              Courtenay
  29. Kip Keylock                                 Courtenay  realtor
  30. Cheryl Gagnon                 
  31. Stan Doty                                     Nova Track Excavating
  32. Sheila Doty                                  Nova Track Excavating
  33. Linda Broster                              Union Bay
  34. George Broster                            Union Bay
  35. Michael Krugel                            Lawyer for Kensington Island Properties submitted ad KIP  published showing businesses supporting the development.
  36. Dennis Haner                               Union Bay
  37. Ernie Anderson                            Union Bay
  38. Margaret Anderson                      Union Bay
  39. Robert Grant                               Mystery Beach Rd.
  40. Edda Grant                                  Mystery Beach Rd.
  41. Joan Johnsen                               Union Bay
  42. Barry Bowen                               Union Bay
  43. Brenda Dane                               Union Bay
  44. Robert Forsayeth                        Union Bay
  45. Robert Grant                               Mystery Beach Rd.
  46. Noreen Darling                             Union Bay
  47. Robert Darling                             Union Bay
  48. Russ Hebblethwaite                     Union Bay
  49. Jack Stevens                                  Union Bay
  50. Anne Trussler                                Fanny Bay
  51. Sherry Agar                                    Garvin Rd.
  52. Robert Agar                                    Garvin Rd.
  53. Ove Lagerquist                               Union Bay
  54. David Vranjes                                 Union Bay
  55. James Chartrand                           Union Bay
  56. Regan Lea                                      Union Bay
  57. James Lee                                       Union Bay
  58. Dee McDonald                               Union Bay
  59. Warren McDonald                        Union Bay
  60. Louise Maltais                                Union Bay
  61. Bill Whyte                                        Royston
  62. Lena Whyte                                     Royston
  63. G. Buchanan                                   Union Bay
  64. Barbara Nixon                                 Union Bay

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Kensington Island Properties Water Treatment Plant Update

WARNING: I don’t exist to meet your expectations.

Complete video of UBID monthly meeting at:
 Your Government in Action Representing YOU

Quote from Brian McMahon Oct. 18, 2006.

Come on sheeple.  I can’t be the only one who kept track of what we were told.  This guy won’t talk to me or answer my questions.  (That should tell you something).  Why doesn’t anyone ask him about all the VERBAL promises he made?

Well, this exchange should clear up any confusion regarding sewer and water.
I replaced this clip as the audio was terrible.

The following 2 articles are from May 8, 2012, Comox Valley Echo and Comox Valley Record – highlighting added regarding subject.


Water deal paves way for Kensington development

A major obstacle to a start on the giant Kensington Island Properties development at Union Bay has been removed.
After more than 13 years of seemingly endless process, a deal agreed Friday means the granting the first building permits is a lot closer.
There still needs to be B.C. Environment Ministry approval for a proposed wastewater treatment plant, but KIP vice-president Brian McMahon said talks on that were progressing well and he hoped for approval of the plans within about three months.
The new agreement on water licensing was “a great step forward,” he said, and cleared a big hurdle that had prevented a start on building.
The initial development will include the construction and funding of a new water filtration and treatment plant that KIP had previously offered Union Bay, which will serve all existing properties as well as many new ones.
But McMahon cautioned that getting agreement on water supplies to the first phase of the development had to be coupled with wastewater treatment out; in practical terms, one could not work without the other.
The way forward on water was signaled as Union Bay Improvement District and Comox Valley Regional District finally agreed who should hold the area’s two water licences.
The crucial document was signed in front of almost 40 Union Bay landowners Friday afternoon after being ratified unanimously by the UBID board. Earlier in the week, it had been approved by the regional district board.
Under it, UBID gets to keep control of the water licences and physical assets like Langley Lake, the treatment plant and pipelines, at least for now.
It has agreed to transfer the licences and some key supply assets (but not the dam, the lake and the land around it) to the regional district at some future date – but only when it considers the time is right, or sooner if the provincial government compels it to do so.
But, said UBID chair Carol Molstad, there is no precedent for the province to intervene in that way, so the outcome boiled down to UBID having the power in its hands to decide when it would be in the best interests of landowners to request a switch.
That might be, she suggested, when it looked like UBID was going to run out of water to service further new development, or was likely to face insurmountable costs in creating new capacity.
And while that wouldn’t be soon, when the time was judged right the two authorities had agreed “to work cooperatively in a timely manner to effect the necessary requirements for a seamless transfer.”
A series of conditions has also been agreed for any future transfer to protect the interests of landowners.
For the longer term, the regional district has said it needs to hold the licences, as the province wants it to adopt a coordinated regional water supply strategy for the Comox Valley.
But it has always said acquiring them was not a short-term need – but it sought assurance at some stage it would happen.
Molstad presented the agreement as a win-win for both authorities – but an even bigger one for the wider community, as there were no further local government-related issues to hold up building permits for Kensington.
And that meant KIP could also move forward on its offer to build and donate to the community a new water treatment plant at McLeod Road, serving existing properties as well as up to 250 new ones to be built in early phases of the wider KIP development.
A treatment plant with greater capacity would have to be provided later on land that UBID will need to buy for the purpose, but the water agreement now meant that at least the first 250 properties could be built to KIP’s own timetable.
Molstad said there had been an unprecedented level of cooperation and dialogue between UBID and CVRD in negotiating the agreement, and she felt sure that would continue.
“Our board has worked hard to protect the interests of Union Bay stakeholders,” she said, acknowledging the help of MLA Don McRae in securing the agreement. “Union Bay is ready to move forward. Now it is up to Kensington.”
For the regional district, Area A rural director Bruce Jolliffe said he was “very, very happy that this has worked out.”
It had been a rocky process at the start, but in the end an agreement had been reached that worked for both parties, and a mutual understanding had been reached on the issues and the way forward. “We worked collaboratively to resolve this, and we got there,” he said.
And regional district board chair Edwin Grieve (Area C) added that better communication had been key to getting over the initial apprehension. A pillar of trust had been built that would be good for both authorities over the longer term.
Union Bay water picture less murky after agreement reached

Published: May 08, 2012 02:00 PM
Updated: May 08, 2012 02:242 PM
Kensington Island Properties took another step forward Friday when the regional district and Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) signed an agreement that will enable the company to proceed with constructing a water filtration system for the Island community.
“The water resolution is now reached, which gives KIP the go-ahead for water,” KIP vice-president Brian McMahon said.
The company still needs to reach an agreement with the Ministry of Environment for a wastewater treatment plant, which needs the Comox Valley Regional District’s stamp of approval, as was the case with a water infrastructure agreement between KIP and the UBID.
The CVRD board signed a master development agreement in 2010. A clause calling for a transfer of the water licence to the regional district had been a sticking point for the UBID throughout discussions.
UBID board chair Carol Molstad said Friday’s agreement recognizes the long-term need for water management and allows Union Bay to retain control of the UBID water supply system.
It also identifies two conditions under which a transfer of the district’s water supply assets could occur — if the UBID requests a transfer and the CVRD accepts, or the Province changes UBID’s letters patent and requires a transfer. But Molstad said neither of these triggers will happen in the foreseeable future.
“We have been given every indication that the Province has no intention of forcing a transfer,” she said in a statement. “UBID retains ownership of the land around and under the lake as well as the pipeline right of way, including after a potential transfer.”
Before applying for a building permit or subdividing, the regional district says KIP needs to prove there is an adequate amount of water from Langley Lake to supply the land in question.

McMahon expects to reconvene soon with the ministry and consultants to discuss the wastewater treatment plant.
“The grass is growing and the paint is drying,” he quipped, referring to the 13 years that have passed since KIP purchased 1,000-plus acres in Union Bay.

The company plans to build houses, a golf course, a marina walkway, and a series of parks and trails. McMahon said KIP has so far invested more than $12 million into the project.

• • •

The centrepiece of KIP’s proposal is a Scottish Links-style, 18-hole destination golf course overlooking Georgia Strait, designed by world-renowned golf course architect Gil Hanse.
The Philadelphia-based Hanse built Castle Stuart in Scotland, named course of the year by Golf Magazine in 2009. The publication also named him Golf Architect of the Year. 
The Olympic planning committee has chosen Hanse to be the golf course architect for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.
In addition, Donald Trump has asked Hanse to rebuild the course at the Doral Golf Resort in Florida.
“His stock price has gone up substantially since we got him,” said Kensington Island Properties vice-president Brian McMahon. “He’s going to be here hands on to build it.”

We are so lucky to have open, honest and accountable representatives, each one believing ‘they’ can fix whatever has gone wrong.  Remember, these people have a vision for you – how good is their sight?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Same show, different cast.

When are YOU going to stop being willfully ignorant?  Maybe you are just too stupid to realize what is going on.

Just my opinion, of course. 🙂

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Kensington Island Properties Union Bay

WARNING: I don’t exist to meet your expectations.

All the gullible fools who believed the concepts/visions fed by KIP over the years are now wondering “what’s happening?”.

The remediation report for the Coal Hills estimates cost of capping at $18,000,000.  Remember this is the ever shrinking area as Mother Nature slowly removes the huge man made acres of coal waste and other garbage artificially built up and pushed out into the ocean.  Do you really believe KIP is going to spend that kind of money on capping the shrinking coal hills?  KIP didn’t even bother to apply Sky Rocket properly.  You think KIP cares about Union Bay?

You don’t really believe what you’ve been told ……….or do you?  Willful ignorance is thriving in Union Bay. 


What’s holding up KIP now?  What happened to all those vocal KIP supporters who fought for this development?  No celebration, fanfare…………nothing…

That’s what we have …………nothing……zip.  

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How To Stop A Coal Mine

WARNING: I don’t exist to meet your expectations.

Info passed along from Mike Bell, Sierra Club Comox Valley.

A group of UBC Engineering students will present:

“Turning Environmental Assessments into Community action tools”

This important information is with regard to the proposed Raven Coal Mine in our back yard.  How, we as a community may take action by using Environmental Assessments to prevent Government approval of the mine application.

Be sure to take this opportunity to get together with others to explore new ways to stop the insanity of a Coal Mine in our community.

Video of Meeting held June 18, 2012 Fanny Bay Hall: