Impossible Task

WARNING: I don't exist to meet your expectations or justify what I care about. surprising.

Upset Kensington Island Properties Supporter Or ?

WARNING: I don't exist to meet your expectations.Upset Kensington Island Properties SupporterThe following comment appeared in response to my posting "Kensington Island Properties Update" video on the cumberlander:    ConcernedBy Sonny DayYesterday · I understand you are no longer a Union Bay landowner. If that is true then why you are still so concerned about... Continue Reading →

How To Stop A Coal Mine

WARNING: I don't exist to meet your expectations.Info passed along from Mike Bell, Sierra Club Comox Valley.A group of UBC Engineering students will present: “Turning Environmental Assessments into Community action tools”This important information is with regard to the proposed Raven Coal Mine in our back yard.  How, we as a community may take action by... Continue Reading →

Shellfish Tenure Public Meeting June 7, 2012 Fallen Alders Hall

WARNING: I don't exist to meet your expectations.To view video click on the following link: This quote is from the Echo June 1, 2012:  Local politicians and ministry representatives are expected to attend one or both meetings, though Bowen said he would not be attending the citizen meeting, which he described as "a waste... Continue Reading →

Update on the de Jersey Fiction

WARNING: I don't exist to meet your expectations.If you have been following the comedy of Alan de Jersey being caught fabricating an incident on the Cumberlander, have a few remarks from his final post.  Particularly the highlighted area.Also see:, Are You?By Alan deJersey24th May 2012 · No Mary I am not stupid... Continue Reading →

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