Baynes Sound residents planning town hall to discuss Union Bay shipbreaking business

Previous posts regarding ship breaking: The Comox Valley Regional District board says a shipbreaking operation in Union Bay is a non-permitted use in an industrial zone. File photo May. 16, 2022 5:30 a.m. The Concerned Citizens of Baynes Sound have scheduled a town hall meeting to diuscuss the contentious shipbreaking business conducting its... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Industries and Deep Water Recovery Response to Civil Claim

Previous posts regarding ship breaking: Oh, no surprise when I see they claim a "small number of community residents" it reminds me of ole Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates. That's how he viewed those who dared to speak up. And sure enough - they must all have the same lawyers. Address is... Continue Reading →

How the Shipping Industry Sails through Legal Loopholes

Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Please make your donation by: 1.     E- transfer to First Credit Union using or 2.     in person at First Credit Union, 313 McLeod Rd in Union Bay, citing Concerned Citizens of Baynes Sound, Shipbreaking or 3.     in person by contacting a member of CCOBS (a receipt will be provided)  We thank you... Continue Reading →

Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates still Screwing Union Bay

Previous posts regarding the sand gravel pit application that KIP only applied for after getting caught removing tonnes of soil by an inspector. Thanks to the landowner who forwarded me the pdf. Ole slick got the gravel pit approved. What else does ole slick have planned to continue screwing Union Bay? The day this... Continue Reading →

Comox Valley Regional District goes to court to halt ship-breaking at Union Bay

Notice of Civil Claim below the article. The regional district is seeking orders to prohibit ship-breaking at the site and to require restoration of a nearby nature park. Carla Wilson Map: 5064 Island Hwy. S. near Union Bay on Vancouver Island, location of a ship-breaking business. A ship-breaking operation at Union Bay on the... Continue Reading →

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