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Convicted serial killer Robert Pickton files defence in lawsuits, denies everything

VANCOUVER — Serial killer Robert Pickton continues to deny responsibility for the years he spent hunting sex workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, filing statements of defence in a series of lawsuits against him.

The families of several women whose DNA or remains were found on Pickton’s farm launched lawsuits earlier this year targeting Pickton, his brother David, and various levels of government.

Pickton, who was convicted in 2007 of six counts of second-degree murder and is believed to be responsible for deaths of dozens more, filed statements of defence from Kent Institution, the maximum-security prison near Agassiz, B.C., where he is serving a life sentence.

The documents don’t offer any details, but instead use a standard court template to deny liability.

“None of the facts in Part 1 of the notice of civil claim are admitted,” says one of the statements of defence, dated Nov. 29 and officially filed with the court this week.

“The defendant opposes the granting of the relief sought in all paragraphs of Part 2 of the notice of civil claim.”

Each statement of defence is punctuated by Pickton’s signature, with “Robert — William — Pickton” written in cursive and separated with hyphens.

The lawsuits were filed by the children of nine women whose remains or DNA were found on Pickton’s property after the serial killer’s arrest in February 2002.

Since his conviction, Pickton has repeatedly denied responsibility for killing Downtown Eastside sex workers, offering vague, rambling denials and suggesting someone else was to blame.

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