Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – the beginning of their losses. Tick tock.

So this application loss is the beginning of their legal court losses. Borden Ladner Gervais tried to argue that we misunderstood the PPPA and it doesn't apply to my lawsuit and that they didn't care about me taking images, etc., and that it was trespassing, etc. After appearing before 2 Justices since Sept. 2022, BLG... Continue Reading →

Gosh Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking moved the rusted barge onto paved surface – wonder why.

Tick tock. 🙂 Note the location DWR were dismantling the rusting 'bunkhouse barge' on soil with everything draining towards the ocean - not towards the white so called filter down by the orange and yellow pieces of equipment. Up close. Now they have gone to all the trouble of moving the rust bucket down onto... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – tick tock

Sorry, not allowed to post what transpired today. I'm extremely pleased. 🙂 affidavit-1-of-t.-ruttan-filed-august-16-2022-pages-1-4Download Next step is Jurisich to provide an affidavit and then he will be examined on it by Jason. I can hardly wait to see how he denies stealing the drone! It's going to be one legal loss after another now. Fantasy counterclaim.... Continue Reading →

“The decision is the first from Canada’s highest court to consider British Columbia’s anti-SLAPP legislation, the Protection of Public Participation Act.”

Good quote from Mr. Hansman and Mr. Johnston. Tick tock. 🙂 BCTF statement on Supreme Court of Canada decision in Hansman v Neufeld Background on the Supreme Court of Canada judgment The Supreme Court of Canada issued its judgment today in Hansman v Neufeld. The ruling restores a BC Supreme Court decision dismissing a defamation... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – PPP Act what’s really going on.

The Protection of Public Participation Act. More excerpts from Justice Marchand's ruling. I love it - packed chock full of information. Emphasis added by me. [61]      It is only the final step of the s. 4(2) assessment, however, that provides the court with the ability to assess “what is really going on” in any... Continue Reading →

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