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Video of Mr. Knowitall Interrupting at Union Bay Improvement District Meeting Feb. 15, 2018

This is Mr. Knowitall interrupting the Nov. 2016 so he could shoot off his mouth and the bullying of the only female trustee began.

Here’s Mr. Knowitall again interrupting a total of 9 times in one meeting – Feb. 15, 2018.  The last interruption is when Mr. Knowitall loses it and bangs the table – oooooh, we’re all shaking in our boots aren’t we?  This guy provides comic relief! Ha Ha.

If you want a good chuckle – Mr. Knowitall claimed at the Mar. 3, 2018 UBID Open House that he can’t sleep at night and gets threatening emails – more bullshit.  If this overly sensitive trustee received even one nasty email – he would be calling the police.  Trying to portray himself as a martyr for the community.  What a joke.

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Are Union Bay Improvement District Trustees having secret meetings excluding 2 Trustees – just like pre April 2011?

History is repeating – listen to this Point of Order by Trustee Kaljur who questions where the municipality issue originated since the board never gave the Admin any authority to pursue information regarding municipality status along with information about joining the CVRD.  The only way this could have developed is if the pro KIP trustees met with the Admin and made the decision.  There is no other logical answer.

This comes right out of the David Godfrey (past trustee) playbook.  This is exactly what he, Royer and de Jerkey did when they kept the negotiations with KIP secret until they were provided with a draft in March 2011.  By the way, the Chair’s wife was so upset because I said “jesus christ” – too bad she didn’t hear Godfrey call me a bitch as he sat behind me.  Since Godfrey has been identified as a KIP spokesperson – is he getting paid by slick to represent KIP’s interest at these meetings?

Trustee Kaljur asks how can the January 2018 Agenda for the January 18, 2018 meeting contain information about another option – becoming a municipality – when the board had never discussed it.  Remember the Dec. 14, 2017 meeting where the chair refused to discuss the fact the boar3d (tried to kill the motion passed at the Nov. 2017) decided against sending a letter to the CVRD regarding conversion because it wasn’t on the Agenda?  The Chair stated it would be on the January meeting and low and behold – the opposite of what had been passed and all done in secret without Trustees Elliott and Kaljur being part of the decision.

This board is being run by only 3 trustees and the Admin.  Two trustees are not receiving all correspondence from the Admin.  People should be concerned as democracy has once again been taken away by a Union Bay Improvement District Board.  Just like it was prior to April 2011 with the board that just about bankrupted the community and locked out the electorate because they couldn’t face the community.

5.  New or Other Business

  • The letter to the CVRD regarding conversion (Trustee Bitten)


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Another one – Admin argues with Trustee about Communication with the Public Policy

Geezuz.  This guy thinks nothing existed before he was hired.  Listen to him argue about a policy and insisting it’s not in the official binder.  Kaljur has to mention again the jump drive given to all the Trustees when we had a competent Admin.  Remember he didn’t know where to find the minutes for a FOI request – they were on the jump drive!

Now pay attention – this is a test.  The Admin wants to get temporary help to put together all the policies they have and the ones missing to bring it all to the board.

Don’t believe me?  Listen.

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Union Bay Trustee Concerned Over Continued Lack of Written Agreement on Logging Delay

Thanks to reporter James Wood from the Goat Radio Station for keeping the community informed.

No surprise the Admin declined to comment – doesn’t know the job – can’t answer questions.


UNION BAY, B.C- An apparent verbal agreement with a logging company south of Courtenay still isn’t sitting well with Jim Elliot.

Elliot, who serves on the trustee board of the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID), previously spoke about his concerns about the district’s drinking water source possibly having logging activity conducted on it’s shoreline.

The area’s water system draws from Langley Lake. Logging company Island Timberlands owns the land around the lake, and had been planning on cutting close to the water this year.

However, the plan caused outcry from residents and the UBID, which now appears to have stopped the cutting, after the company verbally agreed to delay until 2019.

At the time of the announcement of the delay, the agreement wasn’t in writing, and UBID Chair Peter Jacques said he was waiting to hear back from the company on the matter. As of the trustee meeting on March 22, the agreement was confirmed to still not be in writing.

Elliot wasn’t happy with that state of affairs.

“I would really like to see something in writing, because things can change,” said Elliot.

“The company’s perspective may change on the situation, particularly as pressure builds to halt the logging in the area. What I would really hate to see is someone in the company make the decision “well, we better do it while we can” sort of thing. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but just from a perspective of ensuring that we have time to properly assess the situation, I would really like to see something in writing.”

UBID administrator Gordon Mason declined to answer questions about the logging issue following the March 22 meeting.

We’ve reached out to Island Timberlands for comment on the matter.

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Union Bay Improvement District Admin’s Alternative Facts

At the meeting last night Trustee Kaljur questioned the difference in the figures from what was originally published and distributed to the public.  Thought the Admin was going to stomp his feet in frustration.  This guy can’t handle any questions.  His automatic answer is “I’m not going to argue with you” and “I’ve given you the answer”.

So during question period I asked why the costs were absent from Mar. 3 until Mar. 12 with no indication of the previous error.  The reason the board is holding Open Houses and publishing notices in the paper is so that they can say the landowners have been advised of all aspects of the project and then don’t need to hold a referendum or Alternative Approval Process.  When asked how can they claim they informed the public when the figures were incorrect and then new figures were not posted until Mar. 12, 2018, the Admin claimed he posted the correct figures immediately – this is absolutely false and I can prove it.  I saved screenshots showing the figures were not present.  The screenshots are at the end of the post and include the Admin’s email from Mar. 12 when the new figures were posted.

The Admin posted the following costs on the UBID website late Feb. 2018.  These figures were also what was presented at the Open Houses Mar. 1 and 3, 2018.  After arguing with a gentleman Mar. 3 and insisting his figures were correct – the costs were removed from the UBID website Mar. 3, 2018.

This screenshot taken Mar. 3, 2018 showing only 7 pdf files – the Estimated Costs pdf is no longer available.

This screenshot taken Mar. 4, still no costs: 

This screenshot taken Mar. 5, still no costs:

Screenshot taken Mar. 6, no costs:

Screenshot taken Mar. 7, still no costs:

Screenshot taken Mar. 8, no costs:

This Admin has made the mistake of assuming everyone is stupid and not paying attention.  The Admin only published the new figures Mar. 12 which is displayed by the email he sent out to landowners who have signed up for notifications.   We are not being told the truth.

Now we have gone from 20 years to 25 years at a higher interest rate.  Went from 3.34% to 3.45%.  Went from borrowing $2 Million to borrowing $3 Million.

How come these guys didn’t get an interest free loan from KIP?  Isn’t that what they campaigned on?

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