Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Next Door to Marine Salvage Yard

The old log sort is now a Marine Salvage Yard. This property is right next to Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties. Then UBID Trustee stated Regional District turning Union Bay into a Third World Country! Contaminated coal hill on one side and a marine salvage yard on the other - real selling points!... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Just About Due for Another Batch of Empty Promises

The above cartoon is from The Record's Under the Glacier, July 31, 2009. Here's another response to the question of Union Bay Estates and their building permit another person asked. Same old, same old. So who can ole slick whine to about being stalled this time? Ole slick and timelines - June 12, 2015 McMahon... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting Feb. 25, 2021

Another informative meeting. Such a huge difference with meetings where the Trustees and Admin discuss issues openly. The pro KIP board couldn't discuss anything publicly because they were following orders as to what they should do, never knowing why. They could never justify their decisions which made them terrified of questions. Their meetings were to... Continue Reading →

Update on Sewer for Royston and Union Bay

Notice what's missing? No mention of Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties. https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/news/comox-valley-regional-district-kmoks-first-nation-ratify-sewage-solution/ Comox Valley Regional District, K’ómoks First Nation ratify sewage solution Feb. 18, 2021 2:30 p.m.LOCAL NEWSNEWS The K’ómoks First Nation and the Comox Valley Regional District Sewage Commission have ratified a Community Benefits Agreement that commits both parties to collaborate on... Continue Reading →

My Apologies, I Screwed Up – Correction to Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Building Permit

Sorry, I screwed up with this post: https://allthingsunionbay.wordpress.com/2021/01/31/union-bay-estates-aka-kensington-island-properties-previous-building-permit-cancelled-work-not-started/ There are 2 building permits and one was cancelled. I contacted Jodi MacLean who provided clarification. #11527 is an active application, subject to the same conditions - pay the Building Permit fee and transfer park areas before a Building Permit can be issued.

Solid Waste Collection for Union Bay – CVRD Proceeding to Phase 2

Thanks to Daniel Arbour for providing this update. Looks like progress is being made in order for Union Bay to have the CVRD collect our garbage and recycling. This link lays out the timeline. http://agendaminutes.comoxvalleyrd.ca/Agenda_minutes/CVRDCommittees/EASC/08-Feb-21/z%2020210203%20Dyson%20SR%20phase%202%20of%20roadside%20collection%20engagement%20plan%20EASC.pdf I was paying $94. for 3 months with every second week pickup. It's now $106.95 with no recycling. Going with... Continue Reading →

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