Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. $5 Million Dollar First Mortgage on Union Bay Property

Thanks to the individual who sent me this info.

Gosh how things have changed since 2005.  Remember money bags was going to pay for everything.  They weren’t looking for investors; they budgeted for the remediation of the coal hills; paying for the water filtration system; build a sewage treatment plant Union Bay landowners would be able to hook into…….and on and on.

2017 KIP abandons the coal hill and violates the MDA by subdividing KIP’s contaminated section and sells to the province for a dollar.  Now you own it – good luck with that.

KIP promises to give Union Bay 2.2 acres of land for a firehall – originally 4 acres.  KIP promises to give 4 acres of land to Union Bay at the same elevation as the existing waterworks which does not provide sufficient pressure.  KIP promises to pay to adapt the water treatment plant to accommodate a second plant but landowners are footing the bill for the new water treatment plant.

These same Trustees promised their 66% landowner support that they would not have to pay and that they wanted the developer to pay.  Isn’t that what they ran and were elected on?  Isn’t that what the petition was about and Minister Fassbender appointing a Facilitator.  It was because KIP and his supporters wanted KIP to pay.  What happened?


An Update on Kensington Island Properties and the Coal Hill Transfer – VP Claims the Province Said “Now, we have to move now”.

Want to mention the new reporter with the Record is doing a very good job of covering a complicated matter.  It’s nice to see some factual news coverage for Union Bay.  Good job Scott.

Another quote to add to the chuckle bag.  Previous posts about this incident.

The Province made him do it!

This is an email from the Regional District advising that KIP’s lawyer believed the developer was in compliance with the Master Development Agreement as of April 28, 2017.  How was KIP in compliance when mere weeks earlier violated the MDA by circumventing the local BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways office and staff who would have caught the problem?  The subdivision was submitted April 6, 2017 and approved April 26, 2017.  Right before the provincial election.


AND YET – from the Province’s Gregg Stewart P Geo, Manager Crown Contaminated Sites Program Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations May 24, 2017:


Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc., Like George Costanza, Suffers Shrinkage – Again!

The shrinking golf course, the shrinking/disappearing promises and now the shrinking land for the Fire Hall.

For those of us paying attention, the community was told in April 2011 that Kensington Island Properties $1.9 Million dollar Water Infrastructure Agreement was a GIFT to the community.  The amount decreased over the years and last count it was $1.2 Million.  Shrinkage.

Then in 2016 one of the trustees who took credit for negotiating the deal admitted the money was an “interest free loan”.   Shrinkage.

I didn’t dream up the 4 acre figure Kensington Island Properties VP McMahon has been throwing out there for a fire hall all these years.

Here’s McMahon in July 2011 mere months after signing the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement stating 4 acres.

Here’s McMahon at his March 2016 meeting again stating 4 acres.

Here’s McMahon’s own words June 7, 2016 stating 4 acres.

Here’s the last 2 pages of the July 27, 2017 UBID board meeting and low and behold now it’s down to 3 acres.  SHRINKAGE!

Update on Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Violating the MDA by Subdividing Contaminated Coal Hill Section

This is an update to the following 2 posts about KIP pulling a fast one by subdividing a portion of the coal hill which is KIP’s property but contaminated and gave it back to the province.

This was accomplished in April 2017 just prior to the provincial election where KIP’s Liberal buddies were voted out.  KIP then advised the Regional District through his counsel April 28, 2017 that KIP was in compliance with the MDA.  How did KIP arrive at that conclusion?

This developer is very successful at making everything a dog’s breakfast.  Remember, “time lines don’t matter when you’re dealing with government.”  Neither do agreements from these actions.

Proof Mark Lewis in the above document is KIP/34083 Yukon Inc. lawyer.

Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Misled the Comox Valley Regional District April 28, 2017

Add this slimy tactic to the ever growing list of stunts pulled by this developer.

It appears Brian McMahon, VP of Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. misled the Comox Valley Regional District when McMahon responded on April 28, 2017, to the deadline set by the CVRD of April 30, 2017, by claiming to be in compliance with the master development agreement in all material respects.

The CVRD started to put some pressure on KIP in Sept. 2016.  The CVRD then gave McMahon a deadline of April 30, 2017,

Planning for this project started in 1996 and to date, no progress has been made on the development of the property, and nor have the parties developed a new water agreement.  As things have changed since 1996 and 2007 when the MDA was signed, the CVRD made a written request to KIP on September 23, 2016 to meet and discuss amending the MDA to reflect the current context.

The CVRD wishes to see this matter resolved and has requested that KIP advise of its intentions by April 30, 2017.  In order for the CVRD to consider its role in serving the best interests of the community of Union Bay in terms of planning and infrastructure, this matter needs to be clarified.

A fellow landowner received this response from Ann MacDonald of the CVRD which I posted here:

other posts regarding the deadline:

On April 28, 2017 solicitors for KIP advised the CVRD through its solicitor that KIP is of the view that it is currently in compliance with the master development agreement in all material respects.

How was KIP in compliance when McMahon had just finished subdividing a section of KIP’s property which is a violation of the master development agreement when he had his solicitor advise the CVRD he was in compliance?  He knew he wasn’t.

The letter below from CVRD Chair Jolliffe states the application date was April 6, 2017, and the date of entry was April 20, 2017, and yet the CVRD was notified April 28, 2017 that KIP was in compliance.

Why does anyone believe the bullshit KIP spews?

Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Pulled Another Fast One – You Are Going To Pay – Update on The Coal Hill

Update on this post:

So does anyone else think it’s a coincidence that KIP dumped his contaminated section right before the Liberals lost the election May 9, 2017.  Did his Liberal buddies come to the rescue?

So now that KIP has walked away from the coal hill remediation there is a good possibility all of us as taxpayers are going to be footing the bill to ‘remediate’ the coal hill.

On top of that, looks like slick has pulled a fast one by subdividing a section of KIP’s property to return to the province so he won’t have to foot the bill for remediating the contaminated section of KIP’s own property.

McMahon knew he was violating the terms of the Master Development Agreement by subdividing without meeting the conditions set out in the MDA.  Why do people trust this guy?

See the darkened section in the document below – that’s the portion you are now going to pay to remediate KIP’s land.

Note the comment by Russell Dyson CAO of the CVRD:

Please note that a Section 219 covenant exists on this property and its parent lot prohibiting subdivision until certain terms of a master development agreement are met.  The master development agreement was signed by the CVRD and the property owner, 34083 Yukon Inc., (Kensington Island Properties) in 2011.

Note:  I think there is a typo in the above quote stating the MDA was 2011 when it was 2010.


Is the Covenant listed below as registration number: FB349802 with the Registration Date and Time of 2010-05-28 10:59 the Covenant the CVRD CAO Russell Dyson is referring to in the Master Development Agreement?  The date appears to match up.  So how come this subdivision proceeded if the Covenant is in place?