The underbelly of Union Bay – part three – same characters

Continuation of these posts: Not too many people are aware of the tactics used on those who dare to disagree or actually ask questions of KIP VP, Brian McMahon or the candidates and/or elected individuals of the Union Bay Improvement District. At the March 2016 public meeting put on by Kensington Island... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District Borrowing up to $4 Million – interest alone could be $1,975,352.00 for water upgrades

For those wondering what the interest costs are going to be for the water filtration system. ¬†UBID's original figures started at $2 Million and now they are considering borrowing up to $4 Million. Using the latest figures provided by UBID on the amounts they are considering borrowing at the rate they published. Here are the... Continue Reading →

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