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Kensington Island Properties aka 34083Yukon Inc, aka Union Bay Estates – Hilarious – A “Game Changer” – Too Funny!

BIG NEWS from the Comox Valley Echo June 10, 2005!  Just look at what this developer is willing to do for Union Bay – Isn’t it great?  Imagine what Union Bay will look like in 15 to 20 years!  Oh, oh – what happened?

July 2011 right after the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement was signed.  Ready to go!

Here’s another chuckle from the President of Kensington Island Properties, aka 34083 Yukon Inc, Kensington Coastal Pointe, Kensington Coastal Point, Union Bay Resorts, The Union Bay Community, Union Bay Estates.  Sort of contradicts what the VP has been publicly stating.  The VP claims there were hurdles preventing the development going ahead and that’s why nothing has been done.  Funny, according to President Jim Youngren in his letter, which was visible for a number of years until finally being taken down in late 2017, the project was ready to go and all the zoning approvals and “heavy lifting” was done.

Almost 13 years later – BIG NEWS – AGAIN!  Hmmm… those promises to the community seem to have gone poof – just like everything else KIP has promised.  How come there is no mention of the golf course anymore?  This is the fourth article about this recycled development that fails to mention any golf course.

Development in Union Bay being called the largest on the Island north of Victoria

Kensington Union Bay Properties announced the launch of Union Bay Estates, a 346-hectare real estate development project in Union Bay, south of Courtenay.

After 19 years of setbacks, including legal challenges and other delays, Kensington Union Bay Properties has announced it’s moving ahead with an iconic 346-hectare development.

The construction situated in Union Bay, south of Courtenay, is being called the largest development of it’s kind outside of Greater Victoria.

When the several phases are completed it will include just under 3,000 residential units, a new marina, two hotels and numerous other amenities.

The current population of about 1,200 people could grow to over 10,000 when the final phases are finished.

WATCH: Kensington Union Bay Properties Vice President Brian McMahon talks about a new 346-hectare development in Union Bay.

The first phase which will include commercial buildings and waterfront improvements are expected to begin this spring.

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Is Union Bay Improvement District Up To Protecting Our Water From Logging in the Watershed?

These short clips are from the Dec. 14, 2017 UBID meeting when the threat of logging in our watershed was discussed.

Again, these trustees and Admin have no direction or experience and are flailing around thinking we are at the mercy of a logging company.

If they had bothered, they would know Vancouver Island Water Watch was involved in 2013.  Sitting back and waiting for a response to a few letters is not an option.

Letter to our MLA Scott Fraser from June Ross of Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition dated January 9, 2018.


Logging has been a concern for every Union Bay Board.   Here’s some info from March 2013.  Unsure what happened to the $5,000. grant.

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Mary Reynolds vs Rodney Bitten and Meghan Bitten – Response Filed Nov. 15, 2017

This is a follow up to this post:

Stay tuned because the real meat will be the Examinations for Discovery.  That’s when the truth comes out.

Well, that’s quite the defense.  They knew it was my land and yet when I told them in March 2016 to remove their garden and landscape ties they refused and yet they claim they never knowingly trespassed?  And this gem:  “…the Defendants started to frame a fence on what they believed to be their property.”  Why did they believe it was their property  when they have admitted knowing it was my land prior to putting in the garden?

Someone should have read this Response to Civil Claim before filing it because it contradicts what the Defendants knew.

Doesn’t like my blog and thinks I have assumed a righteous attitude.  Ouch – how will I ever recover from that?

No substance.