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Food for Thought – Some comments on UBID In-Camera Minutes dated July 27, 2016 – Are UBID Trustees Working for the Community or for a Developer?

A fellow landowner sent me an email with their comments and concerns and gave me permission to post them.  I added the documents to the text for clarification.

July 27, 2016 Minutes:  FOOD FOR THOUGHT

1.  (Page Two, mid page) What is the background on John Peebles, real estate appraiser, contacting the Administrator about the MOU between
KIP and UBID?  Was KIP preparing an appraisal for a specific reason such as perhaps to flip the KIP-owned lands to an investor?

More importantly, why would Peebles/D.r. Coell & Associates allegedly have a signed copy of the MOU (facilitated by provincially appointed
James Mattison) by Brian McMahon/KIP if McMahon never signed the MOU?

One wonders if there was some kind of fraud here if it’s true that Peebles did have a signed copy of the MOU.  In other words, is it possible that KIP was trying to send a message that KIP had a water agreement to a company that was going to do an appraisal of the KIP lands when in reality KIP was not planning on signing the MOU?

It would obviously be misleading to any company doing an appraisal if  it were to falsely believe the developer already had a water agreement
with the local water board.

2.  (Point #4 on Page One,  “Discussion re: Letter from KIP dated June  7, 2016”)

The first two paragraphs of the text of the discussion on July 27th imply that the June 7, 2016  letter written by McMahon/KIP was just  about Trustees Jacques and Loxam getting something in writing about the KIP offer of the 8-acre property for the water filtration system.

However, if one reads the June 7, 2016 letter,   the text of the letter clearly states that KIP wants the same contract terms of the lapsed 2010 Water Infrastructure Agreement i.e. giving the Developer 500 drinking water connections.  The discussion in the first two paragraphs of Point #4 on Page One speaks only about receiving a written correspondence from the developer “so that UBID had something on file”.

It seems that this is an example of political “pivoting” since Loxam and Jacques are presenting the discussion that they just wanted
something on paper to confirm McMahon’s verbalized offer of giving an 8-acre property to UBID.  However, in the last paragraph under Point #4, the Minutes seem to clear up the real reason behind Trustee Loxam and Jacques approaching the Developer on June 6 or June 7, 2016 as  follows:

“After some further brief discussion, Trustees Molstad, Alcock and Webb all reiterated that any reinstatement of the former Water Infrastructure Agreement, which expired on December 31st, 2014, as suggested in bullet 2 of the developer’s letter continues to be a non-starter.  Trustee Jacques stated however he still believes that agreement could be workable with some edits/amendments.”

It seems logical after reading this paragraph that indeed, Trustee Jacques, like the developer, also wanted to change the MOU that was  voted on and approved by the UBID Board on June 6, 2016 and go back to the terms of the old WIA which lapsed at the end of 2014 i.e. that the developer wanted to return to 500 water hookups instead of a much lower amount of 30-50 connections.

The bottom line question is as follows:  If Trustees Jacques and Loxam did not have the authority from the Board to meet with the developer
(as the then Chair Carol Molstad wrote to an email to Trustee Kaljur) and request the June 7, 2016 KIP letter about the new terms wanted by  the developer in a water agreement, is it legal for two Trustees to go behind the backs of the then UBID Board, meet with the developer, and  “un-do” the MOU that UBID had passed and signed?

This kind of behavior — of two Trustees being in direct contact with a developer the same day or the day UBID passed and signed the MOU
agreement — should be looked at very closely with a very discriminating eye.  Are these two Trustees working for the Developer or for the community?

More comments to come — stay tuned!

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Union Bay Improvement District Board and Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. – No Progress – Try Again in October

These fools still haven’t clued in to McMahon’s tactics.   Hasn’t it registered with them yet that McMahon pulled the same crap on the old board who decided to proceed with our own water treatment system because KIP never produced anything?  The only thing KIP has is lots of excuses.

Remember the announcement at the July 27, 2017 meeting when the board said they had reached an agreement with KIP but McMahon hadn’t signed yet due to a family emergency IN JULY?

Here we are Sept. 18, 2017 and guess what?  McMahon still hasn’t signed – no surprise to those of us who have paid attention to McMahon’s track record.  The board didn’t have an August meeting and now have postponed (how can it be postponed – it was canceled) as there has been NO PROGRESS.

The UBID Board has decided to postpone the Public Board of Trustees Meeting on September 21 and reschedule the meeting for October when we may have a signed Water Infrastructure Agreement with KIP.

Now they claim they’re not in a position to talk about the agreement until it is signed!  What about the video clip below where they are discussing the agreement before it was signed!

 Not a lot has changed regarding the items in my report (See below) and we are not in a position to talk about the agreement with KIP until it is signed.

Note it states “…in my report (See below)…”  don’t bother as there are not active links leading to any reports.  Typical.



History repeats itself.  This new batch of fools don’t realize they are being played by McMahon again.  This is what this guy does.

So this pro KIP heavy board has not accomplished anything in the last year – nothing.

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More Proof Union Bay Improvement District is Not Being Transparent or Honest With Landowners

This is an excerpt of part three of the July 27, 2017 UBID board meeting discussing the costs related to building a permanent water treatment facility on the land up by Langley Lake.

For all the times these people have thrown out ridiculous amounts without ANY RESEARCH about the cost to even get to this piece of property have been from $500,000 to $700,000.  They have stated the road must be brought up to highway standards and again their statements are based on whatever they have been told.  They have done zero research.

I have been told the estimate for the road work to the treatment site at the highway was between $40,000 to $80,000 and that was negotiable.

Remember when candidate Ted Haraldson told the community it would cost $500,000. each for pressure reducing valves if we built on the land by Langley Lake?  Absolutely wrong! Ted also claimed the site was a swamp.

I suspect the figures these guys spout come right from the lips of Brian McMahon, VP. Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc.

This is an excerpt from KIP’s own consultants report Feb. 1 2008.  So why is KIP so opposed to UBID building a permanent water treatment facility on the very piece of property identified in the report?

If there had been a piece of land suitable within the KIP development, it would have been mentioned in this report.  The report already states the existing location does not provide adequate pressure – and we’re not increasing the elevation by going across McLeod Rd at Musgrave.



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Union Bay Improvement District Board In Camera Meeting Minutes July 27, 2016.

The questions these in camera minutes raise – it’s shocking to see the problems caused by Jacques and Loxam – now we get a glimpse into the antics that caused Trustees Molstad, Alcock and Webb to resign.  Union Bay has been in a mess since the resignations.

It should be noted that Trustees Loxam and Jacques claimed a lengthy discussion took place at the June 6, 2016 in camera meeting regarding the possibility of McMahon offering land (for the permanent water treatment facility) and yet those minutes do not indicate any discussion as described by Loxam.

It makes me wonder why Loxam and Jacques were so anxious to approve those very minutes which they rely on to back up their claim about being given authority by then Chair Carol Molstad when the minutes clearly display no such discussion or authority took place.

Why didn’t they put forth a motion to amend those minutes if their claims were true?  Instead it states:

3.  Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes

Motion 2016-07-27-02:  Moved by Jacques and Seconded by Loxam to adopt the minutes of the In-Camera meeting held on June 6th, 2016 as presented.        CARRIED

How anyone can believe the community is better off with this board instead of joining the Regional District must be mentally challenged.

We are in the same position we were a year ago when the three trustees resigned.  Instead of having any trustees with experience/knowledge we have five neophyte trustees and an Administrator with zero government experience and a chip on his shoulder refusing to even consider the thought he might have made a mistake.  We are at the bottom of the barrel.

Note:  These minutes have not been signed and were provided by the Admin to a fellow landowner who submitted an FOI request.

Note: the above claim by Loxam that the request was made to KIP so that UBID had something on file in writing from McMahon.

That’s certainly a different story from the rambling nonsense at the May 2017 meeting about why Loxam and Jacques approached McMahon.  Loxam and Jacques claim they had the authority to act by then Chair Carol Molstad.


NOTE:  the confidential memorandum to the UBID Trustees concerning the CVRD’s letter dated July 20, 2016 to KIP was not included with the minutes in response to the FOI request.

What kind of crap was KIP trying to pull with this guy John Peebles ?  This real estate appraiser was provided a SIGNED copy of the  Memorandum of Understanding by VP Brian McMahon prior to July 26, 2016 and yet it is the same document he refused to provide a signed copy to UBID and advising UBID in an email July 27, 2016 of his refusal to sign claiming he wanted the CVRD to complete a legal review.  No government department was provided with a signed copy.

NOTE:  The following screenshot was taken July 18, 2016 on the website owned by Lone Jednorog.  McMahon responds to question as to whether he has ever put in writing the offer of land.  There has never been an offer of land by KIP to UBID until the letter of June 7, 2016 provided by Loxam and Jacques contrary to the numerous times McMahon has made the statement.

NOTE:  The following documents were not included in the minutes provided above by the Admin in the FOI request.

NOTE:  The following resignation letters were not included in the above minutes provided by the UBID Administrator as a result of a landowner’s FOI request – which took 2 months for the Admin to respond when an FOI is required to be responded to within 30 days.  Another thing this Admin is ignorant of.

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Union Bay Improvement District Board In Camera Meeting Minutes From June 6, 2016

Remember this statement by Jacques at the April 2016 AGM promising to work with the facilitator?

So that was April 2016 and then on June 6, 2016 Jacques and Loxam both voted against the Memorandum of Understanding put together by the Facilitator James Mattison who the VP of KIP managed to get appointed when he went crying the blues to Liberal buddies Don McRae and Peter Fassbender.

Why wasn’t the “briefing note” presented by Jacques and Loxam included in the minutes of the FOI request?

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Update on Conflict of Interest Complaint Against Union Bay Improvement District Trustees

This is a follow up to the 2 posts below regarding my conflict of interest complaint.

Note the email from the Admin on June 15, 2017 stating:

Once the board has made a decision we will let you know.

Note the most recent email where the board made a decision July 4, 2017.  The administrator only responded on August 17, 2017 when he was forced to by Acting Chair Elliott.

And the decision:

Chair Jacques indicated there would be no further discussion on this issue.

This board is absolutely useless and nothing is being accomplished because we have 7 people who don’t have a clue what they’re supposed to be doing.  No experience, no committees – a big f**king mess.

I think the posts are up to date now.