Is the Mystery Owner Bringing this Vessel to Deep Water Recovery?

Thanks to a landowner and also @fraggled who both sent me links. Much appreciated. 🙂 Former BC Ferries vessel mysteriously moored in Howe Sound Since early November, the former Queen of Tsawwassen — one of two original BC Ferries vessels — has been moored off of Gambier Island. But who owns the boat and why... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – Warning Letter Ministry of Environment & Climate Change

This is a continuation of this post: How about actually doing something? DWR just gives everyone the middle finger no matter what the inspection report details. Link to pdf at Natural Resources Compliance & Enforcement.;keywords=Deep%20Water%20Recovery;ms=247;currentPage=1;pageSize=25;sortBy=-dateIssued;autofocus=639c7781867d480022f8aaab

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – why are their lawyers stalling? That’s all they got.

So far, Terrance "Bear" Ruttan is the only one from DWR who has provided a (fantasy) affidavit which contains this: Christ, that must be terrifying for Terrance if the drone causes him so much stress working in such a noisy environment. Terrance must be jumping out of his skin at every noise considering all that... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking OIL SPILL Nov. 22, 2022, and Thugs – Union Bay

Here's a link to the videos submitted with my affidavit and is available to the public: Who is watching this company that operates by their own rules? Who do they answer to? Who is going to stop their thuggish behaviour towards any who dare speak out? Dashcam video of when Jurisich is visible the... Continue Reading →

Comox Valley – This is What Happens IF You Speak Out

This brave individual joined the Facebook Union Bay Bulletin Board today and decided to express his thoughts to those concerned about Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking's recent oil spill. Beginning with "Holy fuck" and ending with "...because you have nothing else to contribute to society?" Warnock vs Walker 🙂 Pretty rich telling someone else what... Continue Reading →

Water – No Problem. Build, Build, Build. Local Politicians – Let Someone Else Fix It. Plus, Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates “Toilet Bowl”.

Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates plan on adding over 3000 new doors to draw water from the peat bog of a water supply for Union Bay - Langley Lake. Union Bay has currently around 770 water connections with a water license allowing up to 1045. The 2 year old water plant is at... Continue Reading →

MP Gord Johns Brings up Union Bay Ship Breaking Again Dec. 2, 2022 – Deep Water Recovery Oil Spill

Huge Thank You to Gord Johns for his determination to bring environmentally safe ship breaking regulations in Canada. Audio of Gord Johns CBC interview Nov. 29, 2022, with video showing oil spill and water being flushed/discharged from the asbestos laden Miller Freeman.

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