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Casino in Union Bay Courtesy of Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza)

Another new name – same old same old.  Now Union Bay Resorts.  Notice the casino?  Looking for investors for a development that hasn’t any water?????????

Funny.  It has the Atlantic instead of the Pacific.

bullshit casino costanza

For you lucky people – I copied the flash slideshow so you can stop and pause to take in all the glorious visual bullshit from the new, improved, concentrated, KIP Costanza.  This is the third website and still not one drop of WATER.  Check out the last image if you want to invest in this hot property.

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Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza) Upsetting Union Bay Residents

kip costanza upsetting residents

Gosh, a conflict……………ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh scary.  What lawyer “may” they retain for their class action?  I say go for it.  Gather up all your money to pay for a class action you twits.  How dumb these people must have felt after the Trustees responded to the misinformation spread by KIP Costanza cheerleaders.

I notice the Beefs and Bouquets from June 26 mention dysfunctional Union Bay.

The reporter has the date wrong for the KIP Costanza rally, it was June 3, not June 13.

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KIP “Costanza” Promising Water to Komoks First Nation

Excerpt from Page 3 of the Landowners Update from June 17, 2015:

As UBID holds the water license any connection to our water system requires UBID’s agreement.  The Developer does not have the authority to promise water to anyone.

The following quote is from the Komoks First Nation website at:

Question:   Since the Kensington project has the potential to dramatically change the land and seascape on and near K’ómoks territory, how do K’ómoks members benefit? Is this project “under the treaty”?

Answer:  We have negotiated an impact benefit agreement with the owners of the Kensington project. The agreement includes some cash, several parcels of land, access across Kensington lands to the beaches where we have aquaculture tenures, ownership of office space within the development, marine space, and a guarantee of jobs, training and contracts if we meet certain conditions.

A number of members have been working helping to clear brush in the development. We are setting up two companies to do some of the contracting work. The first company is for road building and clearing, and the second is for home construction. Our companies will have to compete for contracts, but if we have competitive bids, we will get the contact work. Our members will be employed working for these companies.

In addition to employment in the construction industry, the Kensington development will employ people as greens-keepers for the golf course.

We have selected Treaty Settlement Lands adjacent to the Kensington development, and also own private lands in the vicinity. The Kensington development will provide water and sewer infrastructure to the border of our lands.  It will also increase the value of our own lands in a significant way.

If the image below is accurate, the piece of land UBID selected for the reservoir is within “Wood Lot BC Crown Land” and makes one wonder as to why KFN is disputing UBID’s obtaining the property.  The image is dated March 2010.

It’s at the top of McLeod Rd where the dirt road starts and is located on the north side of the road.Slide 1