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“Mr. Haraldson should apologize for his defamatory remarks,” said Gratl.

Kudos to James Wood who provides objective and accurate reporting.


James Wood


 The community of Union Bay is pictured in a Goat News file photo. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio 

UNION BAY, B.C- A trustee of the Union Bay Improvement District is officially suing the chair of the board.

According to a notice of civil claim, trustee Susanna Kaljur has started legal action against UBID chair Ted Haraldson for defamation.

The notice names Haraldson as a defendant, as well as four John Does, who had a role in the defamation of her character.

It states that there has been a “sustained public effort to politically marginalize and humiliate the plaintiff, including persistently interrupting the plaintiff at board meetings, claiming that the plaintiff was not entitled to vote on or propose corrections to board meeting minutes, and repeatedly evicting and excluding the plaintiff from board meetings by various means.”

The full court filing can be found here: Notice of Civil Claim (Kaljur) Feb 25 2019 (filed)

Earlier this month, Kaljur’s lawyer Jason Gratl had sent a letter to the board threatening legal action after her “suspension” on January 10th. In the letter, Haraldson was given a deadline of February 15th to acknowledge the suspension of Kaljur was illegal, along with sending a written apology.

Shortly afterwards, a written apology was posted to the UBID website signed by Haraldson and the three other trustees. At the time, Haraldson told the Comox Valley Record that there were no plans to mail out the letter, which has now been set in motion.

Four days after that latter was posted online, the remaining public board meetings in February and March, which were already closed to the public, were cancelled by Haraldson without explanation.

The newsroom spoke with Gratl about the court action.

According to Gratl, Haraldson should apologize for what he’s said about Kaljur.

“Mr. Haraldson should apologize for his defamatory remarks,” said Gratl.

He would also have to make a contribution towards Kaljur’s legal fees.

“They were wrong, damaging, and without any foundation.”

Gratl also noted that Kaljur’s court action is addressed to Haraldson in his personal capacity, not in his capacity as chair of the district, which was meant to not cost the district money.

“The suggestion that Mr Haraldson and the other trustees had reason to attempt to indefinitely suspend Ms Kaljur, that concern was raised against the trustees in their personal capacity, rather than in their capacity as trustees, because of course, lacking any legal authourity, these individuals couldn’t have been acting in their capacity as trustees,” said Gratl.

“To my mind and Ms. Kaljur’s mind, the taxpayers shouldn’t be footing any of the legal fees or expenses for this dispute.”

According to Gratl, Haraldson’s lawyer has confirmed receipt of the civil suit.

A request for comment has been sent to Haraldson.

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Haraldson and 4 John Doe’s named in lawsuit by Susanna Kaljur

Susanna Kaljur has posted the lawsuit on her blog.

Finally, after all the crap Susanna has had to endure at the hands of these men. We’ve all witnessed how they treat her in public – imagine what they do when they are behind closed doors with no witnesses. They are disgusting and wouldn’t have the balls to pull this crap on a man.

Those who let their power go to their heads usually go too far and that’s the case with the dysfunctional Union Bay Improvement District. They have no respect for the bylaws or anyone with a different opinion.

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Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees – the Dunning – Kruger effect

Everything they touch they screw up. When you receive correspondence from a lawyer on behalf of his client, you respond through the lawyer – not the client. Here’s a hint – it’s Jason Gratl.

Just add it to the list… Dunning – Kruger effect. Remember, at least 5 people were involved in the response and not one of them knew proper procedure.–Kruger_effect

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Comox Valley Record’s article on the ‘suspension’ of Trustee Susanna Kaljur and the legal action being taken

Suspended Union Bay trustee threatens legal action against UBID board

Legal counsel for Susanna Kaljur contends suspension is baseless; demands apology

Suspended Union Bay Improvement District trustee Susanna Kaljur has threatened legal action against the other UBID trustees – Ted Haraldson, Rick Bitten, Glenn Loxam and Peter Jacques – claiming her suspension from the board has no legal standing.

She has also demanded a written apology from UBID chair Haraldson for “false and defamatory” statements published on the “Comox Valley Now” (sic) online newspaper.

A Feb. 12 letter to the trustees, sent by Jason Gratl, legal counsel for Kaljur, stated the Jan. 10 decision to suspend Kaljur indefinitely is baseless.

“There is no provision of the Local Government Act or regulations thereunder, or even a District Bylaw that allows for the removal of an elected trustee,” Gratl said in the letter.

The letter goes on to insist that each one of the aforementioned remaining trustees “publicly acknowledge that your purported removal is of no force and effect,” and demands that the acknowledgement be mailed to every elector in the Union Bay Improvement District. It offers a Feb. 15, 4 p.m. deadline for the acknowledgement, to avoid a lawsuit.

The second part of the letter deals with a quote Haraldson is alleged to have offered to the Comox Valley Now (sic) online publication.

The Feb. 12 letter addresses the following quotes: “As a trustee making these statements in a public blog about our employee is certainly cyber bullying” and that the “allegations can create … public safety concerns to UBID” and that “she’s endangering the public” by telling the public that a water turbidity threshold has been exceeded.

(See end of article for copy of the letter.)

According to the letter, “These statements are false and defamatory. Nothing Ms. Kaljur has said about any UBID employee amounts to cyber bullying. Trustee Kaljur has not created public safety issues. Trustee Kaljur has not endangered the public.”

Gratl then requests a written apology from Haraldson to Kaljur, with the same Feb. 15 (4 p.m.) deadline.

“Should you fail to make this apology, I am instructed to commence a lawsuit against you personally.”

Kaljur expects the board to comply with the demands listed within the letter.

“It is in the best interest of the landowners we serve, that the current Trustees; Ted Haraldson, Rick Bitten, Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam, comply with these demands,” adding that she will follow through with a lawsuit should the contents of the letter be ignored. “I will be pursuing legal action against each trustee personally should they choose not to comply… My legal counsel Jason Gratl has made this very clear in the letter sent to the trustees.”

When Haraldson was contacted by The Record for comment, he said, in both instances, there has been no decision regarding any response to the requests.

“No decision at this time; that’s all I can really say right now.”

Kaljur is hopeful of a resolution, stating that, as an elected official, she has a responsibility to her constituents.

“I will continue to serve until April 2020 and to carry out my commitment to the electors,” she said. “I took an Oath of Office to be honest and uphold our bylaws, policies and the Local Government Act. I have done so and shall continue to do so.”



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Trustee Kaljur retains Jason Gratl

I don’t want to steal Susanna’s thunder so I’ll wait a bit before posting the letter Jason Gratl sent on behalf of Trustee Susanna Kaljur – Nevertheless, she persisted!

Are you going to vote these idiots back in again when they are clueless about their powers and their limits?

I think the actions of these clowns should be added to my post about the underbelly of Union Bay. This tactic doesn’t get far in Canada.

I love how Minister Selena Robinson has been cc’d on the letter and also David Eby, the Attorney General. Robinson hasn’t shown any interest in the antics these clowns have pulled – maybe now she will pay attention to the clusterf_ _ _ created when the (Liberal) Ministry appointed a facilitator at the request of the VP of KIP and his spokesperson David Godfrey crying about UBID not extending an expired Water Infrastructure Agreement.

Time to clean house and get rid of these idiots who are not interested in learning what needs to be done. They never research, just make stupid statements off the top of their heads.

This is the article where Ted Haraldson defames Trustee Kaljur. I can hardly wait to read the grovelling apology. A lawsuit against him personally because his actions were not allowed as a trustee or Chair.

All four of them are looking at being sued personally because they did not have the authority to remove an elected official. Love this part of Jason’s letter: “It is integral to democracy that a majority of representatives on an elected body cannot remove from office another elected representative. Removing minority political opponents from office is the stuff of lesser systems of government for which no support can be found in our legal tradition.”

Tick tock – they only have until Feb. 15, 2019 at 4 pm.

Can’t say enough good things about Jason Gratl – he is a fantastic lawyer!

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Union Bay Rodney Bitten apology and monies to fix garage and pay my legal fees

Big thank you to my lawyer Jason Gratl.  Can’t say enough good things about Jason – he is amazing.  Jason loves his work and it shows.

This is the outcome of the lawsuit brought against Rodney and Megan Bitten of Union Bay.  This is the lawsuit:

This is what Rodney and Megan Bitten claimed in their response:  and yet here I am with money and an apology.

Will provide more info in a follow up post.