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Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Claims Assault – Where is the Proof?


Nice to see trustee Rick Bitten is visiting my blog while on holidays to keep up on what’s happening in Union Bay.

The minutes of the Oct. 27, 2016 Committee of the Whole Meeting.

So trustee Bitten apologized on behalf of the Union Bay Improvement District for an assault on landowner Lone Jednorog.  Where is the proof of this assault?  Has anyone been charged?  Who is trustee Bitten claiming assaulted Lone Jednorog?

The following is just hilarious coming from one of the three who planned and executed the disruption of the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016.  This from members of the Union Bay Community Club Hall intentionally disrupting an event because they didn’t want people to hear an opposing view from their event 2 nights earlier.

Trustee Bitten further commented however that any such inappropriate and unwarranted actions should never be condoned and do nothing to bring together what remains to be a much divided community.

At 1:36 in the video below, you can see me being pushed/shoved by an individual in a dark jacket – that is pro Kensington Island Properties candidate (now Trustee) Rick Bitten.

At l:58 in the video below, you can hear pro KIP candidate Rick Bitten as he’s leaving say ‘see ya, good meeting guys, perfect, shows what you really are’ and then says ‘you guys are mental’.



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Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show Displayed by the Media



Credit for the gong show should go to trustees Rick Bitten, Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam for displaying ignorance, arrogance and their unsuitability to hold elected positions.

Again, kudos to Michael Briones of the Comox Valley Echo for providing an accurate account of what transpired at the Nov. 13, Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting.  It’s been a while since we had a reporter take pride in providing quality reporting.

“Jacques produced a copy and just tossed the document to Elliott,”  This is how the chair treated a trustee who was concerned over the motion being put forward.   At 28:40 Trustee Elliott advises the 500 water connections per the expired agreement violates our water license and these clowns still pass the motion.

The video is set to start at 25:17.  Reload the page if you want it to start at that point again.

This one is set to 10:40.  Jim Elliott.  Who do you think is looking out for your best interests?  Who is concerned about the liability of Union Bay landowners by knowingly entering into an agreement that cannot be met without spending millions on increasing the capacity of Langley Lake and the dam?  The 500 connections which clearly violates our water license.  If KIP flips the property and the new owner wants the 500 connections – should we send Glenn Loxam to explain what the agreement actually means?


Part five of five.

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Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Doesn’t Understand His Own Motion



Is there any nice way to say stupid?

The three pro Kensington Island Trustees don’t seem to understand the difference between instructing a lawyer to take action and obtaining legal advice.

They claim UBID’s  lawyer will tell them if the agreement is in effect and yet they’re instructing UBID’s lawyer to ‘enact the force majeure clause’.   These trustees are ignorant and arrogant.

The Administrator at 6:00 provides a list of issues the Improvement District has been dealing with.  There is a process in place with the provincial government with the Facilitator, there are negotiated revisions to the Master Development Agreement with the Regional District, the developer has never provided evidence of an agreement with the province, etc.

Throughout the video it’s evident the trustees don’t understand the motion, especially the trustee who put forth the motion.  They look like idiots every time they open their mouths defending their support of the motion.  They look like idiots because they can’t grasp the difference between what they’re saying and what the motion states.

  • How dumb can you be if you rely on what the original negotiators  intended but failed to put in writing?
  • How dumb can you be to support something you clearly don’t understand and are unable to explain?
  • How dumb can you be if you think just because a mistake was made initially it should be repeated?
  • How dumb can you be when you refuse to listen to the only person with experience who can be relied upon for accurate information?
  • How dumb can you be to think you have the knowledge after mere weeks in a position, with no prior experience, and believe there is no need for you to have any additional information in order to support a motion?
  • How dumb can you be to support an expired agreement exceeding the 1045 limit which violates our water license.  Guess that must be okay because it was done once so let’s do it again.
  • How dumb can you be?goof loxam Voila_Capture 2016-8-11_12-24-45_pm
  • How dumb can you be to support a motion without evidence the developer has reached an agreement with the province which the developer claims to have prevented proceeding as per the expired agreement?  According to the email below the Ministry approved the remediation plan for the site October 26, 2012.  It goes on to say there are a few outstanding items but “This does not preclude implementation of the remediation plan by the parties”.  McMahon claims he couldn’t proceed until late 2014.  Who’s telling the truth?scan3
  • How dumb can you be to be so blatantly manipulated?

The videos of this meeting and the ones in October display the real Union Bay.  Such a pretty place.  Too bad it’s a snake pit run by thugs.

How dumb can we be to let this shit happen?