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Union Bay Improvement District Being Run Like A Dictatorship – Or A Board of Three

The administrator is too busy to answer correspondence.  The Chair labels questions as ‘minutiae’ and instructs the Admin not to respond.  The Chair (who as far as I know is computer illiterate) has decided he will handle emails.  The Chair has changed the role of the Board and now we seem to have a dictatorship.  This appears to be his standard response when he is faced with questions he doesn’t have a clue about.

He seems to be ‘special’.  Views things like getting legal advice as trivial before promising the landowners a developer will pay all the costs for a water treatment facility and then get the Province involved and causing upheaval in the community only to find out that it couldn’t be done legally.  So from spring of 2015 until Nov. 2016 this guy tried to push an extension to a dead agreement through without any legal advice!  Who’s paying for the water treatment plant now?

This board proudly announces there will not be an increase in parcel taxes —-but we are going to have to borrow $1.5 Million.  What is the problem with raising the parcel taxes?  If the parcel taxes were raised just $10. a year we would be adding to the coffers and have to borrow less.  I have never understood the point of not raising the taxes and then after a few years we are told it is necessary to raise it $50. because they haven’t been raised in a while.  Small increases are easier to take than a large increase.  These guys want praise for putting off the inevitable.

It’s been a week since the Union Bay Improvement District meeting and still the video of the meeting is not on the UBID website.  The latest I posted the meeting videos was 12 HOURS.  In this day and age, what could possibly take a week to post on a website?  This board and admin have no interest in providing information to the electorate and appear to be circumventing the purpose of a Board by trying every tactic possible to prevent information from reaching those they represent.

The UBID website’s last landowner update is from July 2017.  The UBID website displays a total of 5 signed meeting minutes for all of 2017 and here we are in late November.  The last minutes posted for this year are from July 27, 2017.  The Admin still hasn’t figured out the Feb. and Mar. minutes and reverted them to draft to be approved at the Oct. 12, 2017 meeting but at the meeting no minutes were approved.

This board is just as bad as the pre April 2011 board who regularly kept correspondence from two of the duly elected trustees.

Do you think all five Trustees of UBID didn’t receive the legal opinion regarding Bylaw 264 from July 2017  until Oct. 12, 2017?  In my opinion, three of them received it right away (July) and two of them received it on Oct. 12, 2017 when it was being voted on at the board meeting.

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Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting Nov. 16, 2017

Since the Union Bay Improvement District is violating bylaw #270, I see no reason why anyone else should adhere to it.

Most of the meeting was booooooorrrrring but then Trustee Kaljur put forth a motion to send a letter to the RD requesting Union Bay receive the information and funding for a study on the pros and cons of joining the Regional District.  It was a pleasant surprise when Chair Jacques broke the tie and voted with Trustee Kaljur and Trustee Elliott.

The zinger was when Trustee Kaljur read out the email she received from Trustee Loxam.  Wow – is this how they treat Trustee Kaljur?  Would they treat a man like this?   Trustee Kaljur received this email from Trustee Loxam in response to a Union Bay Improvement District matter:

Susan I thought the full moon was over.  You are like a broken record.  The only ratepayers you represent are part of your political CULT.  You should put your efforts into pulling this community together instead of tearing it apart.  Seeing that you are so heavily involved in the ‘Protect Our Water’ group. why aren’t you and your members putting a huge amount of effort into protecting our water at Langley Lake from Timberlands logging????? It would show that you cared about the community instead of destroying our communities development for our future.

Question period is always a chance for the administrator and trustees to duck very simple questions.   The admin talks about a one time cost of the Development charges relating to the video recordings of the meetings.  When asked if this cost was for someone to make a Youtube account, the administrator refused to answer so I guess the answer is yes.   Lots of work being farmed out and you’re paying for it.

It’s apparent the administrator has no idea about videos or how they are uploaded to Youtube.  That’s my beef with this admin.  He refuses to admit he doesn’t know something.  No one expects him to know everything but he has not had any training!  A recipe for ducking and hiding and trying to deflect questions which results in an uninformed community and secrecy instead of accountability and transparency.  They all say they’ll do it and then they get elected.

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Union Bay Improvement District Administrator to Report Back Nov. 16, 2017 to the Board Regarding Freedom of Information Requests

You’ll remember at the last UBID meeting Oct. 12, 2017 when six people sat and gave their opinions on how FOI requests would be handled and the belief their puny bylaws trump Provincial and Federal legislation.

Here’s the excerpt from when I downloaded the video of the meeting and edited out this portion and posted back to Youtube on my account.

Want to send a big thank you out to UBID for providing the meetings on Youtube giving all its users (including me) right to distribute, edit, etc.  Thought you wanted complete control over the videos.  Isn’t that why you changed the bylaw and spent time and money for ………oh wait – NOTHING.  Looks like UBID is violating their brand new bylaw #270.  

Of the six people, (all of whom speak) only Trustee Kaljur has any idea what is being discussed.  At least Trustee Elliott had taken some time to educate himself.  The other four were completely clueless.  They should be embarrassed by their ignorant uninformed statements.

These people never research anything it seems, just shoot their mouths off with no facts to back up their ridiculous statements.  We have no idea what information they are relying on before putting through motions and voting.  They certainly never correct their mistakes and instead prefer to leave the incorrect impression provided at the time contributing to the misinformation circulating in Union Bay.

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Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. $5 Million Dollar First Mortgage on Union Bay Property

Thanks to the individual who sent me this info.

Gosh how things have changed since 2005.  Remember money bags was going to pay for everything.  They weren’t looking for investors; they budgeted for the remediation of the coal hills; paying for the water filtration system; build a sewage treatment plant Union Bay landowners would be able to hook into…….and on and on.

2017 KIP abandons the coal hill and violates the MDA by subdividing KIP’s contaminated section and sells to the province for a dollar.  Now you own it – good luck with that.

KIP promises to give Union Bay 2.2 acres of land for a firehall – originally 4 acres.  KIP promises to give 4 acres of land to Union Bay at the same elevation as the existing waterworks which does not provide sufficient pressure.  KIP promises to pay to adapt the water treatment plant to accommodate a second plant but landowners are footing the bill for the new water treatment plant.

These same Trustees promised their 66% landowner support that they would not have to pay and that they wanted the developer to pay.  Isn’t that what they ran and were elected on?  Isn’t that what the petition was about and Minister Fassbender appointing a Facilitator.  It was because KIP and his supporters wanted KIP to pay.  What happened?


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Mary Reynolds vs Rodney Bitten and Meghan Bitten – Response Filed Nov. 15, 2017

This is a follow up to this post:

Stay tuned because the real meat will be the Examinations for Discovery.  That’s when the truth comes out.

Well, that’s quite the defense.  They knew it was my land and yet when I told them in March 2016 to remove their garden and landscape ties they refused and yet they claim they never knowingly trespassed?  And this gem:  “…the Defendants started to frame a fence on what they believed to be their property.”  Why did they believe it was their property  when they have admitted knowing it was my land prior to putting in the garden?

Someone should have read this Response to Civil Claim before filing it because it contradicts what the Defendants knew.

Doesn’t like my blog and thinks I have assumed a righteous attitude.  Ouch – how will I ever recover from that?

No substance.


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Another Example of the Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show – Letter From the Chair

Imagine being a landowner and submitting a letter to the Board of Trustees requesting information related to the Union Bay Improvement District operations and receive a response which contains none of the information requested and instead is a rant defending the lack of progress.   The Chair believes all the information is on the website.  This Chair admitted a year ago he was computer illiterate and there is no reason to believe he is any the wiser.

Paranoia is running deep in old Union Bay these days.

The Chair of UBID is the only person allowed to answer correspondence these days.  The other trustees don’t have a say.  Notice the agenda for the meeting Nov. 16, 2017 has no correspondence.  That’s because they don’t allow any correspondence to go to the entire board any more and have decided certain people will not be responded to.

If that “Good day to you Sir!” sounds familiar it’s because Fez from the 70’s show was famous for it.