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Figures From The 2006 Sewer Referendum

Here’s the info on the sewer referendum that was held back on Feb 4, 2006 to refresh everyone’s memory. The wording of the ballot for that Referendum was as follows:

2006 Union Bay/Royston Sewerage Service Referendum
Question: Are you in favour of the Regional District of Comox-Strathcona adopting bylaws which would:
– Establish a service enabling the regional district to provide for the collection, conveyance and disposal of sewage in the Union
Bay/Royston sewerage service area;
– Authorize the regional district to borrow a maximum of $10,500,000 (ten million five hundred thousand dollars) for a 20 year
period for its one-third share of the cost to provide this service;
– Authorize the regional district to tax the properties in the service are for up to $983,000 annually to repay the $10,500,000
borrowed amount (based on the 1362 parcels in the service area, each parcel would be charged approximately $722 annually to
repay the borrowed amount;
– Authorize the regional district to establish user fees for the operation and maintenance of the service in addition to the annual
capital repayment of approximately $722 and;
– Be known as “Union Bay/Royston Sewerage Service Establishment Bylaw No. 2825, 2006” and “Union Bay/Royston
Sewerage Service Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2826, 2006”?

Voter Turnout – 49%

With the grant, it would be a capital cost each household $7,398.60 or $711.82 per year with 20-year financing plus $300 for annual maintenance. Without the grant, it would be a capital cost of $22,420 or $2,135 a year for 20 year financing plus $300 a year (approximately) for annual maintenance.

The vote was 767 “YES” versus 346 “NO” so it passed.

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Now Kensington Island Properties Can Build Sewage Plant as Promised

If we can believe what Kip Constanza states (ha, ha) the Kensington Island Properties project is going ahead this year, one way or another.  Listen to the clip below from the March 14, 2016 meeting:  mentions water treatment plant, wastewater system, and South Sewer Project.  Sounds like big plans, or same old, same old.  (Why does he keep referring to an arbitrator when it’s a facilitator even after being corrected?).

How can Jim Youngren state:

youngness bull 1 Voila_Capture 2016-6-19_05-29-2_pm?

  • a new water system
  • sewage treatment system

When did that happen?  Is the new water system and sewage treatment system hidden somewhere?  Where are they keeping it?

Then he goes on to say this:

younger bullshit 2 Voila_Capture 2016-6-19_05-30-54_pm

Can someone point me to where these “approvals” are?  I love this one: “approvals which would be virtually impossible to obtain today,…”

Full letter from Mr. Youngren below:


kip union bay community websiteVoila_Capture 2016-3-29_12-5-54_pm

Another chuckle – …”remediation of the coal hill which will be completed by late 2016″.  What a comedian!!

kip bullshit 3 Voila_Capture 2016-6-19_05-38-25_pm

Excerpt is from below.

waterfront park Voila_Capture 2016-4-5_07-30-45_pm

“Kensington Coastal Point has offered to increase the size of its sewer main and lift stations running the length of the property in order to accommodate the needs of the community….thus reducing the cost to the area residents should they want to be connected.  All treated wastewater will be dispersed through an irrigation system on the golf resort property and not into an outfall in Baynes Sound.”

kip full page ad jan 13 2006 copy

Yes, let’s join the sewage system promised when KIP Constanza first darkened our door and made all those promises.

Kip has to have sewer even after a new water deal is reached with UBID.  Kip can’t build a single home without water and sewer in place.  All the whining and crying Kip was doing about the expired WIA – let’s hear about the sewage system that is required.  How’s that going?

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South Sewer Project Referendum Results

south sewer project voter results Voila_Capture 2016-6-19_09-16-14_am

This final project we voted on was a far cry from the original “South Sewer Project”.  When Cumberland pulled out and the CVRD went ahead trying to salvage a portion of the project with so few landowners bearing the cost, it was doomed.

Originally it was going to be financed over 20 years (around $2000/yr for a total of $40,000.) and then it went to 30 years (around $2000/yr for a total of $60,000.).

Then the O&M costs went from around $350./yr to over $600./yr.

from early 2015 cvrd south sewer pdf Voila_Capture 2016-6-19_09-59-59_am

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Answer to What Developers Pay for South Sewer Project

The answer seems to be there is no plan at present for any developer to contribute to the South Sewer Project in order to reduce the cost to those in Phase 1.

may be dcc in developers pay south sewer project Voila_Capture 2016-6-18_11-29-9_am

“DCC’s are collected and reserved so that when the cumulative effect on growth requires expansion of the treatment plant funds are available to expand the facility at no cost to existing users.”

Well, why would the existing users pay to expand the facility for new users – of course there should be no cost to existing users.  It appears as though the DCC’s would benefit those in the subsequent Phases with the Phase 1 landowners paying for the initial infrastructure.

“The cost of initial construction can also sometimes be included in DCC calculations so that future users help pay for initial project construction.”

Also, sometimes we get answers that provide no information.

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Follow Up Question to Are We Subsidizing Developers with South Sewer Project?

This is a follow up question to the answer provided in response to the question of whether the phase 1 landowners are subsidizing developers such as Kensington Island Properties who have remained silent and offered nothing towards the South Sewer Project.

The question asks how the money paid by developers in Development Cost Charges will reduce the cost to the landowners in phase 1.  Unless there is a formula where a portion of those DCC’s goes specifically to the South Sewer Project, the cost to landowners in Phase 1 will not decrease.

It’s a free ride for developers south of Courtenay if there is no reflection in the DCC’s or a specific South Sewer fund developers in the area must pay into.another question are we subs develop ssp Voila_Capture 2016-6-17_10-21-16_am

AND there is this from May 2012

mcmahon water has to have sewer Voila_Capture 2016-6-17_01-6-19_pm

I added the highlighting in the above.  So why hasn’t there been a word from Kensington Island Properties regarding the South Sewer?  Can’t have water without a wastewater treatment out so how is Kip Constanza going to go ahead with the project this year?  What has KIP done since 2012 regarding the wastewater treatment?

AND this one also from May 2012, with the title:  Union Bay water picture less murky after agreement reached

wastewater treat from mcsleaze Voila_Capture 2016-6-17_03-34-36_pm

I added the highlighting in the above excerpt.  Both articles can be viewed at:

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Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting June 15, 2016

Sorry folks, I screwed up and went to the UBID office instead of the community hall and that’s why the video starts during the meeting.

Some old lady told me to shut up when I asked a question so after the meeting I told her she has no business telling me to shut up.  She then replied that I am disturbing and told me I was stupid.   So the old broad doesn’t think telling someone to shut up is disturbing the meeting?  These folks are priceless, they don’t have a clue what’s going on and never ask a question but they sure get pissed off when I ask questions.

The Fake chair tried again to play the role of interrogator.   How many times are these fools going to ask variations of “why can’t you sit down at the table with KIP and sort out the problem”?   Another brilliant mind in the community mumbled something about things being like a merry-go-round going around and around during question period.   Yes, these are the well informed leaders supporting ole KIP Constanza.

I suspect the Kiplets were schooled by Kip on what to oppose using Crown Isle as an example and why they should oppose the platinum standard referred to in the by-law (the one they claimed would probably not be approved by the Ministers office).  He likes to use Crown Isle as a comparison,  They’re worried about the new by-law as it’s going to be expensive for developers putting up a bond – boo fucking hoo.  Well, Mr. Kip did indicate they don’t have a lot of money and Mr. Youngren’s letter encourages investor inquiries.   Land rich…………cash poor.