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Rutherford Response to Union Bay Improvement District Lawsuit


Response filed March 27, 2013.

Who would you believe?  The government of Union Bay who is open and accountable (by their own standards).  Hillbilly Heaven.

Landowners are kept in the dark while the hillbillies decide how to hide their incompetence.


Nothing from SD 71 yet.

This should be very interesting.

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Union Bay Improvement District -The Wacky Government of Union Bay

The following report discusses the failed Alternative Vote for the 2 MILLION Firehall the wacky government wanted to build.  Now remember this is June 2009 when the wacky gov’t was aware of the problem with the title.

staff report fire hall contstuction review page 1

staff report fire hall contstuction review page 2

The wacky gov’t continued as though all was well and continued making plans to invest more of your money into a black hole – gambling with your money, hoping all would be well.  Is that how you want your money spent when there have been zero benefits to the community?

This report confirms again UBID was aware (one acre of) the property could not be sold.  2009 this is happening and this gov’t does not publicly advise the landowners.  Here it is 2013 and Union Bay is just as close to getting a fire hall as it was in 2007.  Absolutely no further ahead.  What interest rate was given for the mortgage renewal on this property not owned by Union Bay?

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Why Did Union Bay Improvement District Pay Down Mortgage on Problem Property?

So we know the Union Bay Improvement District was aware of a problem with the title on the School Property since April 2009.  UBID knew and yet the community was never advised of the problem and UBID continued on as though there was no problem.  Going so far as to use a total of $135,000. taxpayer money to pay lump sums against the mortgage in March 2010, and July 2010.  Why?

Here’s a couple of incidents where UBID paid down the mortgage on a property they knew wasn’t clear title.

excerpt administration report march 2010 lump sum 60 g copy

And this from July 2010 Landowner Update:

July 2010 Landowners' update lump sum to mort-2