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Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Applies for Permits AFTER Commencing Work

This short clip is from July 2013. We flew over the area that is now cleared. Some of this area was logged years ago but not to the extent it is now. At one point you can see the areas cleared for the golf course that will never be built north of Washer Creek.

Forgot about these clips. Here’s another one from the same plane trip and shows the areas Kip has cleared over the years always making promises about what was coming in the very near future. It’s like Trump’s great Medical Plan coming in 2 weeks!

Just think of what this developer has gotten away with in the last 15 years. Seems to go ahead and only applies for permits after the fact ensuring they won’t be stopped. It’s only when residents start asking questions regarding the work done that any agencies get involved.

Same thing with the borrow pit. Never applied for a permit until an inspector checked out the borrow pit. This developer counts on not getting caught. Start paying attention and asking questions.

Same thing with clearing the land around the borrow pit. The landowner has been asking since Nov. 2020 about permits for this clearing around the borrow pit. As Jodi MacLean states:

We have been told by their engineering consultants that they have been retained to prepare the report addressing these land alterations. However, they have yet to submit the application and report.

NOTE: The pic below is not mine. I downloaded it from a public website.

Screenshot from my July 2013 plane trip video of the same area.

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Update on Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Properties Building Permit and Sewage System

KIP is prohibited from installing any septic systems with a field on any lands within the development.

“Subject to” has been an ongoing thing with this developer, so don’t get excited.

Landowners listening to the announcement by Trustee Haraldson got busy asking questions. Here’s the latest.

I’m waiting on an answer to an email I sent asking if the buildings and fencing by landowners on KIP’s property will be required to remove them. The image below was taken in 2013 and has only gotten worse. Obviously, I added the red font and approx. property lines. It should be noted the landowners on Tappin were told by KIP years ago they would received the property behind their homes for next to nothing. Some of them went ahead and encroached because they believed KIP – that was a mistake.

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UBID Trustee Makes Announcement on Behalf of Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties.

I posted about the building permits July 2, 2020. What’s new?

At the Union Bay Improvement District Strategic Planning Session today, Trustee Haraldson stated he had an announcement and felt it had to be made. First, why is he blindsiding the Board? Second, what’s the big deal about UBE being “awarded” building permits that happened 6 months ago?

Carol Molstad asks Ted if that means they (UBE) have approval for their sewer system and Ted replies “on the Discovery Centre, that’s been given approval” and goes on to say another thing in the works is a sewage system coming down to Royston and Union Bay.

As of yesterday, Jan. 25, 2021, Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties sewage application was still in the “review and decision phase” according to the email I received from BC Ministry of Environment.

This is an excerpt of Haraldson making the announcement. Big shot.

This is the entire Strategic Planning Session today. Lots of information discussed at this meeting as Gary Nason, Janice Swanson, Chair Ian Munro, Trustee Susanna Kaljur, Trustee Eve Gaudreau, Trustee Ted Haraldson, Water Supt. Dan McGill, Fire Chief Ian Ham and landowner Carol Molstad who is on the Conversion Advisory Committee were all present and contributed.

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UBID Board Meeting Jan. 21, 2021

You know it is so discouraging to hear the same problems being discussed for years with no resolution. It’s not the current board’s fault because in 2016 UBID should have become a service area when we had trustees with zero experience and then the loss of any hope when professional Admin, Kevin Douville, left for the CVRD.

Making matters worse, the inexperienced trustees hired an Admin with NO government experience. With 3 of the 5 trustees being KIP sycophants, we were screwed. All the work accomplished by the Mostad Board was ignored including water treatment, sludge removal, collections, etc. The past 4 years was spent bumbling, hiding, lying all the while boasting of the great work being accomplished.

A lot of time and money would have been saved by simply reading what the Molstad Board had worked on to prevent duplication. We know the unqualified administration didn’t because at one point he argued about a policy he claimed wasn’t valid because it wasn’t in his binder. When Kaljur explained there was a jump drive he should have received, he was still adamant that the policy wasn’t valid due to his binder. And the Gong Show ran for 4 years never learning or showing an interest in what preceded them, guaranteeing costly mistakes.

The Molstad Board knew an office and washroom would be required for the treatment plant, they knew the sludge would be a problem and worked on solutions, they had a system to collect delinquent tolls and taxes. They brought us back from the brink of bankruptcy, recouped a good percentage of the hundreds of thousands spent by the board David Godfrey was on buying the school property without clear title. Managed to finally have the water tolls cover the actual cost of providing us with water – for those of you unaware that money had to be transferred to cover those costs. They planned for the future of Union Bay long after we’re worm food based on previous studies and reports compared to pro Kip trustees who planned according to what Kip told them.

To make matters worse, you couldn’t tell the admin or Trustees Jacques, Bitten and Loxam anything – they insisted they knew what they were talking about and that the admin was doing a great job. The same admin who ‘retired with a one day notice’ – what was the payout to get rid of him? Financial negligence for 4 years and look at the mess we are in.

NOTE: I screwed up and a couple of minutes of the recording are missing – the section is marked in the video – my apologies. Also, for some reason the audio of my questions at the end did not record on my video – not sure why.

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Is UBID Hoping for Additional Land Adjacent to Water Treatment Plant?

This is an update on these posts:

Looks like UBID is concerned over the size of the land the water treatment plant is limited to. Will be interesting to hear the discussion on this subject. Last page of the Jan. 21, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda:

Why didn’t the 2017 UBID board negotiate for the land taken away from the Firehall land? KIP somehow managed to get these guys to negotiate down from 4 acres to 1 hectare and yet didn’t negotiate to increase the 4 acre land size for the water treatment plant. Originally, KIP promised 4 acres for the Firehall and 4 acres for the Water Treatment Plant.

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UBID Committee of the Whole Jan. 7, 2021 – the Ongoing Problems Created by the Pro Kensington Island Properties Trustees

We are going to start seeing the problems created by electing trustees controlled by a developer from Oct. 2016 until Sept. 2020. The developer wanted the water treatment plant located on the current 4 acre location. The developer’s trustees changed the location to the one the developer wanted and sold the land the previous board had purchased which had been identified as the ideal location for the plant. Remember this. There still is one remaining and I believe it is a direct pipeline to the developer who no doubt is advised of all actions taken by the board publicly and in camera.

Does anyone know why there wasn’t an office and a washroom included in the building of the Water Treatment Plant? Kaljur says she doesn’t understand why the office wasn’t built initially – acting admin agrees. Who’s responsibility was it to decide on the final construction and what items were included? I know there were trips made to tour other water treatment plants – what did they learn? Were there offices and bathrooms at those facilities? What about heat and sound? What the hell did they learn?

Looking at spending up to $90,000. for a trailer/modular building. They’re paying $1500. a month for a travel trailer rental that serves as bathroom/break area – not big enough for an office. Sounds like old office/shop is at the old waterworks location and there have been break-ins including a go pro stolen that was set up to catch the thieves. They discuss moving this old shop to the new location but are concerned it will fall apart.

Who’s bright idea was it to use a go pro instead of a security camera? Everyone knows the go pro records to its own card – steal the camera and you remove any evidence of the theft. Another example of decisions made by those unqualified to make these costly decisions.

Geezuz – the plant is not heated and is very loud – could be Work Safe BC problems. Again, who decided to construct the plant as it is now? It’s not even a year old and there are glaring problems that can only be remedied by money!

‘Danny’ says there’s a problem with permits and decided a trailer on a slab is more efficient that building.

‘Danny’ believes when conversion happens, they will be more agreeable to the sludge going to the dump.???? Why would the dump accept sludge (for $50.) just because we convert to a service area of the CVRD? Isn’t the problem with the sludge the fact it is 70% water?

This is just the first 36 minutes of the meeting. More to come.

When we had a professional Administrator until Feb. 2017, he would obtain any and all information required for the trustees to make informed decisions. This has been a shitshow since he left. These problem would have been addressed BEFORE construction.

Gary Nason suggests a mini strategic planning session asap to address issues he has become aware of: the 2017 subdivision bylaw; updating capital expenditure charges; developing a 5 yr capital expenditure plan; adding B parcels to the tax roll; initiating collection action against delinquent tolls and taxes and charges; settling ponds for peat sludge and the boundary of the treatment plant.

There’s that nasty subdivision bylaw again that the pro KIP trustees killed on behalf of Kensington Island Properties. How can we still be talking about delinquent tolls since 2017? The unqualified admin wanted to retain a collection agency. How can it be so hard to collect when there are clear steps to take? Edit Jan. 15, 2020: I recall one of the reasons for hiring a deputy CAO was to collect these delinquent tolls – so what happened?

Nason refers to the conversion study that suggested UBID should undertake: A Water Master Plan; A Long Term Firehall and Equipment Plan; Langley Lake Dam Condition Assessment; Review of Langley Lake Dam Policies and Procedures and a Water System Inventory.

When you listen to Gary Nason advise the trustees, you realize why it was so important to have an admin with government experience. Just think of all the mistakes made since Feb. 2017 until Nason was retained a couple of months ago? Scary.

Congratulations to Carol Molstad on being appointed as the public representative to the CVRD Conversion Advisory Working Committee – unanimously. An excellent representative who ran the most professional UBID Board.

Dec. 10, 2020 UBID Minutes posted today – lots of information:

Couldn’t resist this gem – what universe is this guy existing in?