Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – what they said compared to what they are doing.

This is from DWR's proposal. Big difference between what they proposed and what they actually did. How did it go from tying a barge at the end of the existing ramp to parking vessels on the shoreline? This is what they proposed: "zero-impact" process on environment and retrieving vessels without disturbing the ocean floor. response_package_for-2022-21415-page-8Download... Continue Reading →

Rally at Union Bay Sunday for those opposed to shipbreaking in Baynes Sound

Our Member of Parliament Gord Johns and our Area A Director Daniel Arbour will be speaking. BLACK PRESS SUBMITTED Apr. 27, 2023 5:00 a.m. NEWS On Sunday, April 30 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. the public is invited to a rally at the Union Bay Community Hall at 5401 S. Island Highway where... Continue Reading →


Received this email from a landowner today. Also, CCOBS have been working on their website and have added a lot of new information. Check it out. I LIVE HERE- SAVE THE CHILDREN, FAMILIES, ENVIRONMENT and BAYNES SOUND! Good Day, Several vessels have been dragged ashore and dismantled on this site. BC Environment has issued... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – the BS they spewed trying to get approval. Insults KFN and claims to be a good neighbour!

The image above is DWR employee standing looking at the debris in the water they ignored for days in Jan. 2023, resulting in the debris washing onto oceanfront properties nearby. Jurisich wrote the letter below boasting about how environmentally conscious DWR is in their operations. Bullshit! No dismantling off asphalt surface? Don't believe your lying... Continue Reading →

BC Greens Call for Provincial Ship Breaking Regulations Michelle Gamage Michelle Gamage is a Vancouver-based journalist with an environmental focus who regularly reports on climate for The Tyee. You can find her on Twitter @Michelle_Gamage. More needs to be done to prioritize public and environmental health, says Sonia Furstenau. The BC Green Caucus wants the province to step up its game when it... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – Freedom of Information Documents Available

The Concerned Citizens of Baynes Sound have done an amazing amount of research regarding the ongoing ship breaking in Union Bay. They have compiled their FIPPA requests and provided links to the documents on their new website. Check back regularly as their website is new and they are adding more information to share. Jerky... Continue Reading →

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