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Election Day

There is certainly a lot of talk about the election this Saturday.  It’s good for people to discuss the issues and what they want for their community.  We all love Union Bay and care about the future of this beautiful piece of paradise. 

The decisions we make now regarding our water supply is forever.  There will be no turning back.  We can’t be selfish only worrying about how decisions affect us while we’re here. 

No one will be living here without water.  We must protect the source and understand the limitations.  We have been told the dam could be raised if necessary.  I have been advised raising the dam is not an option.  Now what?

We need a government that will freely provide information so all residents are aware and able to make informed decisions regarding our community.

I believe in open and accountable government – it’s not just talk – I will be the one you can count on to include you – not exclude you.  I believe we are all equal.  I believe in, and am willing to defend Democracy.

NOTE:  I hope the rumor I heard is not true.  If any of the present Union Bay Improvement District Trustees are considering stepping down within the next few months, they should do so now and not force another byelection unnecessarily.  If this is the tactic the political party controlling the Board is considering in order to maintain control of the Board, then the community is being manipulated and our Democracy is nothing but a farce.  Time will tell. 

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