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1. Alan Webb Wins Big 2. There Is A Creep Roaming Union Bay

I had posted something earlier on The Cumberlander, but the editor must be away right now.

Congratulations to Alan Webb who defeated me yesterday (I received 39 votes – increasing my support base ten fold – yay) for a Trustee position on the Union Bay Improvement District Board.

On another matter which took place Friday.  Only a disgusting piece of crap would feel comfortable sneaking around like a rat anonymously distributing their garbage.  The first person that comes to mind that has stooped to these depths previously is the owner of the following website which he proudly displays.  He has identified himself as Bryan Baker of Comox and has left a few suggestions as to what he thinks should happen in Union Bay.

There is something wrong with our community standards and it’s not up to UBID – fire, water, lighting – remember?  The community needs to encourage differing opinions – not join in or covering for those who are cowards like the owner of the disturbing picture.  

The owner clearly displays their lack of respect for women – same as Baker who first sent me an anonymous obscene email and then created a blog using my name to simply discredit me and praise his friends – no facts.

Why are we supporting and encouraging Hillbilly Ethics?

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