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Union Bay Sewer & Other Crap

WARNING: I don’t exist to meet your expectations.

The following is just my opinion, of course.

It’s no wonder a developer can come into this community and:
  1. convince us to support a development under specific conditions, 
  2. change the conditions under which the support was given,
  3. defend in court the actions taken to change the conditions
  4. admit years later the legal challenge had merit
  5. triple the number of doors originally promised
  6. ignore storm water management requirements prior to clearing land
  7. questionable relationships with our government representatives
  8. negotiations on behalf of our government kept from all duly elected trustees until first draft presented
  9. unelected individual involved in wording of confidential agreement, police report filed, developer publicly states concerns, unelected individual gets elected, claims allegations unfounded and signs off on same confidential agreement
  10. UBID negotiates 0 for Union Bay

Just a bunch of dumb hillbillies to a snake oil salesman.

Take the Test – How dumb are you?

Do you think Union Bay is getting sewer now that Kensington appears to be going ahead?

If you answered “YES” you are in the majority and  really dumb!

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