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Kensington Island Properties Union Bay

WARNING: I don’t exist to meet your expectations.

All the gullible fools who believed the concepts/visions fed by KIP over the years are now wondering “what’s happening?”.

The remediation report for the Coal Hills estimates cost of capping at $18,000,000.  Remember this is the ever shrinking area as Mother Nature slowly removes the huge man made acres of coal waste and other garbage artificially built up and pushed out into the ocean.  Do you really believe KIP is going to spend that kind of money on capping the shrinking coal hills?  KIP didn’t even bother to apply Sky Rocket properly.  You think KIP cares about Union Bay?

You don’t really believe what you’ve been told ……….or do you?  Willful ignorance is thriving in Union Bay. 


What’s holding up KIP now?  What happened to all those vocal KIP supporters who fought for this development?  No celebration, fanfare…………nothing…

That’s what we have …………nothing……zip.  

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