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Union Bay Real Estate

My version of the famous billboard by Jim Youngren in Seattle.
What’s going on in Union Bay?  Everyone seems to be leaving or planning on leaving in the next year.  Long time residents and self proclaimed leaders are bailing before being hit with the financial woes faced by Union Bay Landowners.
Look at all the mls listings.  And let’s face it, buyer beware in Union Bay.  There certainly has been a lot of  questionable ‘activity’ preparing some of these buildings for sale.  I wouldn’t trust any property disclosure statement as I don’t think the realtors give a crap.  (remember – my opinion).
Maybe it’s starting to sink in.  Union Bay is not benefiting from the KIP development.  This developer has been given everything and Union Bay is getting ‘squat’.
You can look back and see how those elected officials have looked out for the best interests of Union Bay.  Shouldn’t the elected officials advise the landowners why the developer is paying (it’s more of a loan) $1.4 Million when the developer offered $17.4 Million.    
Where are these people going to be?  Apparently, not here.  
Don’t worry, they will go to the next community and proudly tell of the positions they held, volunteering,  community involvement, you know – all the bullshit that convinces you these are great people – just ask them.  Other than that, they have no memory.

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