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The Local Media Are Preventing You From Being Informed

Hillbillies running this Valley


This story involves local people and Island TimberFrame in Cumberland


Are these dirty little secrets? Why does the media decide not to print these local stories?  They want to pretend nothing happened?  Like everything else here, just ignore it, don’t talk about it, keep faking it.

Another example of the hillbilly attitude here.  Everybody is somebody’s friend, relative, flunky…..  The Comox Valley Record might as well be a flyer for their buddies and friends.  The editor, always quick to remind you of his experience and awards so you must be wrong, has displayed bias and will not revisit the ridiculous opinion.  Why?  In my opinion – it’s bullshit and he knows it.  I hope it was worth gambling with his credibility.

It appears the snake pit is the entire Comox Valley.  Fake people.  Fake lives.  Thinking they’re fooling everyone.


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