How Union Bay Improvement District Made a Mountain Out Of A Molehill

If you’re asking “How did Union Bay end up in this financial nightmare”?  It all started with the need for administrative office space and mushroomed into big plans by those hell bent on spending taxpayers money building their little empires.  March 2006 looking for office space and by April 2006 decide the school property will meet everyone’s wish list.  No other property is considered.

UBID looking for office space

BUT………The one question I would like answered is why the Union Bay Improvement District didn’t use their own lawyers (Staples, McDannald at the time?) for this purchase?  Isn’t it normal practice to have your own lawyers handle these important legal matters?  What possible reason was there for the unusual actions taken by the Improvement District?  It’s another comedy of errors in good old Union Bay – home of the wilfully ignorant..

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