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East Sooke Residents Vote On $2.12 Million For New Fire Hall

The project would cost an estimated $263 per year per average household valued at $499,165, if the entire $2.1 million is borrowed. The term of the loan would be 15 years.

If voters approve, the new hall would be built several hundred metres along the same street toward Gillespie Road on property already owned by the CRD and the fire department, said deputy chief Dave Bigelow.

When the fire hall was built, the department had one truck and served 550 residents spread over 2,130 hectares, says a report on the CRD website. By 2012, the population had reached 1,750 over 3,035 hectares.

 F:1PROJECT5075 East Sooke Fire HallA-CaddPresentation2012.1
Too bad Union Bay has never had a Board that could plan, budget, make informed decisions, you know, the promises they make to get your vote.  Sooke tripled their population from 550 to 1750 and the service area increased 50%.  Union Bay’s population has grown less than 10% and is facing a $4 million expense distributed to less than 700 households.  Quite the burden when this is just one of the multi-million dollar projects facing landowners.
Union Bay Administrator Leaving

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