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Kensington Island Properties Update at Union Bay Improvement District Meeting July 17, 2013

Funny how the spouses of some elected officials take on an air of authority and assume they now have standing.  After the meeting, two trustees were discussing the court case from Jan. 2013 in Victoria which they claimed to have no knowledge.  Advised them to look on the internet after I stated it was pretty dumb the Board was unaware of the case.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a comment from a Trustee’s spouse something about calling someone dumb and better look at yourself.  When I reminded the spouse they were not elected and I was not addressing them – the Trustee of the spouse advised the meeting is over and anything goes.  Wow – I can live with that – there are all those flexible rules brought up now and then.  Long story short.  Turns out the spouse has “issues” and took exception to the word ‘dumb’.  The spouse then wants to elaborate (no one was asking) and whines about how they were always told how dumb they were growing up and then insisted “I am not dumb”.


First of all, since when is the UBID Board room conducting therapy sessions?  Keep your childhood issues to yourself because I don’t give a damn – it is dumb to bring up these ridiculous issues/hangups/sensitivities, etc. as though it pertains to UBID issues AND while I’m at it – shut up like everyone else has to – spouses are nobody just like the rest of us.  Spouses have no standing and should look at those who know they weren’t elected and do not, and have not interfered in UBID matters.

Maybe sensitive folk need to provide a list of words to the Board that causes emotional pain and brings back dark memories, so those words will not be uttered.  sniff sniff.tumblr_m27bi7C3d51r6aoq4o1_500

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