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Campbell River Woman Sues RCMP

Thursday, August 22, 2013 – 6:30 AM
By Nanette van Doorn
Campbell River


The 21 year old daughter of a Campbell River woman murdered by Robert Pickton has filed a civil lawsuit in the case of her mother’s death.

Brittney Frey has filed the suit against the Vancouver police, the RCMP, Prosecutors and Robert Pickton and his brother saying they all failed in protecting the public from a serial killer. Specifically, the notice of civil claim, filed on August 16, claims the authorities failed in their duty to investigate and crime and prosecute Pickton.

Brittney’s mother Marnie Frey went missing in September 1997. In 2007 Robert Pickton was convicted of second degree murder in her case and that of five other woman, and is serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

Two other daughters of women murdered have filed claims similar to Brittney’s. In this civil claim Brittney and her lawyer, Jason Gratl, are asking for damaged from all the defendants.

The paperwork filed at the Supreme Court of B.C. describes Marnie as a compassionate woman who loved animals.

“She enjoyed spending time with friends and was generous with her time and resources,” the claim reads. It also states that Marnie became addicted to heroin in high school and struggled to finish rehab programs.

Brittney grew up in Campbell River with her grandparents and was often visited by her mother.

The claim reads that the defendants need to respond by 21 days of being served.

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Eastside Missing Women.


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