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For Sale Union Bay

DSC_0036 copyThere’s another one on Tappin, but couldn’t get it in this shot.

Is this an exodus due to what UBID has planned for the financial future of less than 700 households to pick up the millions good ole Kensington Island Properties was ‘providing’ the community?

Our elected officials will be putting forth a bullshit feast in the near future.  They’re open and accountable just like they said they would be – right?  Every thing they say is the absolute truth and they are not keeping information from you – right?  They don’t avoid answering questions honestly – right?  Ask them how great they are – they will provide you with an account of the pride they have for what they have done for you – this community – right?

Hope all the new owners have lots of money for all those million dollar projects facing Union Bay landowners.

One thought on “For Sale Union Bay

  1. I remember even 5 years ago there were over 40 for sale signs in UB. I suspect that closing the school was a major blow, that and the ongoing Kensington saga. Lots of new people moving in who don’t know about or want to know about historical baggage. They will help make a difference. And what a neat candle for Goldie. She was a real gem in UB – full of good ideas, energy. A good friend.


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