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Kensington Island Properties Token “Starts” Including Toxic Site

Made a huge fuss about the work done on Washer Creek and “capping” the Coal Hills in 2005.  Here is reality in 2013.  DSC_9921

2011 Kensington Island Propeties claims this mess will be cleaned up by the following spring.  Reality in 2013.


2005 clearing starts for golf course.  Reality 2013.DSC_0486

This is just an example visually.  What about all the others?  Water filtration system, sewage disposal, senior’s residence, land and construction of water reservoir?  Isn’t it about time KIP’s VP shows up in another picture in the Record pointing to something and whining about how he loves Union Bay and only wants what’s best for our community?  It’s not KIP’s fault things aren’t progressing, it’s always caused by outsiders, KIP is doing everything they can.  WHINE


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