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Kensington Island Properties aka The Union Bay Community Toxic Coal Hills

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The panorama below is large.  For a smaller version, click on the image at the bottom of the post.

This is from April 3, 2010.  Only difference is the increased rate of toxic material being eroded and washed into the ocean.kensington toxic coal hills pan reduced_edited-1Yes, let’s praise Kensington Island Properties for the work on the lower portion (which has eroded) of Washer Creek 8 years ago!!!  

Is that the only thing this developer can be praised for since infecting Union Bay in 2002?  YES.  The other success was organizing a bunch of wanna bees patting them all on the head and convincing them of their untapped talent as business leaders making history in Union Bay.  They were assholes then and still are because they can’t admit (as many did) the community was sold a ‘concept’ by a developer who doesn’t give a rats ass about Union Bay, just the dollar signs.  How can these idiots still praise this windbag, blowhard, empty promises from this so called ‘developer’?   How can the VP inspire confidence based on the limited ‘success’ boasting 35 houses in Cumberland as some huge accomplishment.  The VP’s bio is pretty limited considering squat has been accomplished in the last 11 years so that’s not going to beef up that flimsy history of success now is it?  Shouldn’t the VP be approaching retirement by now?

The only way Kensington Island Properties will go ahead is if the taxpayer pays/paves the way – Kensington Island Properties is screwing this community.  Or maybe by the time Kensington Island Properties really builds a seniors residence, the VP will be one of the first residents!  IN MY OPINION, OF COURSE 🙂

kensington toxic coal hills pan reduced

One thought on “Kensington Island Properties aka The Union Bay Community Toxic Coal Hills

  1. Yes, I know UBID is bankrupt in terms of future costs like Fire and Water . There is no chance the existing Landowners can absorb it. So, KIP is no help but consider the alternatives. CVRD or the Province take over? The Provincial and the Federal governments have demanded a plan to resolve the water issues but never the plans to finance them. Resolution-not in our lifetimes



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