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Union Bay Real Estate For Sale – The Money Pit

When I first started looking at real estate in the Valley 20 years ago, prices were no indicator as to the quality available.  Like now, they’re hanging on to the ridiculous prices being paid when the market was hot and prices inflated due to all the promises made by developers like Kensington Island Properties.  The wacky real estate continues.  One guy had a house for sale a couple of  years ago that was under 700 sq ft. for under $175,00.   This year with no additions, he was selling it as 900 sq ft for under $250,000.  One that had their home listed for years starting out at over $600,000. has finally reached an asking price of under $400,000.  and actually might have sold.  How about the home built by 3 couples on speculation.  It’s been sitting empty since completion with the asking price starting at $849,000. which has been reduced to $599,000.  Another brand new home sitting empty built on speculation with the asking price just over $600,000. is now down to $549,000.  Character home barged in and restored asking price in June $452,000., now listed for $399,000.  A home which was listed and failed to sell a couple of years ago and has now been listed for $10,000. more than when it didn’t sell even though prices have fallen.  Those with homes between $250,000. and $300,000.  are hanging on trying to stay above that 250 mark.  They need to look at the homes better than theirs that sold in the 230 range last year.

The realtors have been using Kensington Island Properties as a selling feature in Union Bay for years as though it was a solid investment which could only go up.  Remember how many realtors showed up to support Kensington Island Properties hearings when the Regional District took the decision from the community of Union Bay and allowed any asshole anywhere to submit their support after a judge ruled against the Regional District in changing the water source (Langley Lake) illegally. Here’s a link indicating where those who voted actually lived and the realtors are highlighted in ‘yella’.  Notice any mention of Kensington Island Properties these days in the realtors bullshit?  The only selling features in Union Bay:  OCEAN and FOREST……….and that is going to cost you big time.  We all know we are not being told the truth.  The standards are rock bottom – always have been – always will, but the money continues to flow and costs increase with basically nothing to show for the amount spent.  In the last 20 years how much has been spent on improvements to the existing water system?  Now landowners will pay an extra couple of hundred dollars per year into a savings account to raise money for a new fire hall and trucks in 2019.  The Improvement District Board will pass a motion or resolution giving them the authority to bill the landowners using a legal way of bypassing any public opposition such as these individuals did with the previous Board who wanted to spend $2 Million compared to the rough guess of $4 Million plus by the new manipulators.

Ask your realtor about the costs of the 4321 water system Union Bay is forced to install because the previous board/manipulators pushed development of Kensington Island Properties.  The only reason we are forced to install this very expensive system is because of the intention to build by KIP.  So KIP’s doing squat – nothing happening but will Union Bay get a break?  KIP has been slithering around Union Bay for years.  Has anyone benefited from Kensington Island Properties to date?  Big fucking bad joke is what KIP is.  The Saviour of Union Bay?  More like a Joke on Union Bay with those numerous inbred trolls, religeous nuts and big fish/small pond syndrome followers.

Kensington Island Properties has lost another supporter.  Ran into Charlie at the Market and he told me his house sold.  Christ, he had it for sale numerous times over the last 10 years.  Charlie was a big KIP supporter, even wrote a letter to the editor criticizing the group who legally challenged and won against the Regional District, starting his letter by “Democracy is great, but….”  It’s guys like Charlie that gather on November 11 to pay respects but fail to respect and promote democracy we had because of those who died.  Instead, we have allowed corruption and accept it as a fact of life because people are spineless and fear criticism from their fucked up neighbours/relatives/religious fakes.

Everyone knows how Daphne Hamilton was treated because her and Bill had to nerve to sign their names opposing the firehall.  Who took it upon themselves to tear a strip off Daphne?  Daphne never went to the church again to sing in the choir and Bill lays the blame of her deterioration and hospitalization squarely on the shoulders of those who inflicted this pain and anguish on his wife for exercising their democracy.   It’s obvious how much this is on Bill’s mind as he mentions it often in his sorrow at Daphne’s death.  Someone should put together an accurate book about good old Union Bay and what’s being bred here.  It could be called “Union Bay – Deadly Dysfunctional.”

It’s really too bad Henry Morgentaler didn’t open a clinic here.  The number of “should have been aborted” here is staggering.  What we have is a large percentage of “special” folks who can never leave.  They simply cannot make it in the world off the island.  Since they weren’t aborted, some have gone on to produce spawn they do not feed or support all the while thinking they are good parents.  Hell, they can’t support themselves.  There’s something to be said for sterilization.  Fucking idiots breeding more fucking idiots.

Deliverance could have been filmed here any day of the week.

Union Bay, Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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