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Hey, Happy Anniversary Malcolm!!

Noticed you visited my blog this morning and it gave me a chuckle.  Five years this month I left you and feel like I’ve reached the milestone cancer sufferers experience, that all important five year cancer free.  You certainly were a tough one to get rid of.  I thought the beater was bad, but you take first prize for being that clingy, needy individual who can’t be alone and needs to have anyone/someone.  It’s comical how things have turned out.  For 22 years I paid for half the mortgage, utilities and groceries, and my bills were mine.  The more money you earned, the more your self importance grew.  Thank you for FORCING me to get a lawyer as I had no idea you would be FORCED to pay me $2500. smackers a month.  May you live long and prosper!!  I think I love you  and your lawyer!!

DSC_0039 copy

How could anyone threaten to shoot Molly?

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