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25.5% Hornby Island Electorate Oppose Alternative Approval Process



The RD received a strong message from the electorate opposing the $1.6 million dollar loan for a new fire hall using the Alternative Approval Process.  The cost to small communities for new fire halls has ballooned and become ridiculous with our so called leaders losing all common sense when it comes to the “public purse”.

Not to worry.  We are told our elected leaders are honest and accountable.  Look at Union Bay and how efficient it has been run regarding Kensington Island Properties, purchase of the school property, and lawsuits.  Any money wasted there?  Open, honest, accountable?  No one is perfect and people make mistakes.  Union Bay has a history of elected officials who never admit to even the most minor mistake, let alone the whoppers.   What is lacking in someone that they can’t admit they might not know or that they were wrong?  How can anything improve if mistakes are covered up instead of acknowledging the problem, fixing it and move on?  A problem that is not resolved festers and casts doubt on the individual and the position they hold and what makes it worse is the continued pretence they did nothing wrong.

Grabbed this screenshot from the Comox Valley Record.

no to fire hall on hornby

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