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Kensington Island Properties Sectioning Coal Hills

Went back today and followed the flagging marking New Lot A on the Coal Hills.

Flagging appears to follow the rough outline from a picture provided in the pdf cutting across the coal hills at the peak.

I clipped the following from the pdf file.

kip lot A

Pictures following flagging from east shore line, through the trees, to the top of the coal hills, and over to Washer Creek.

reducedDSC_2880 reducedDSC_2881 reducedDSC_2883 reducedDSC_2885 reducedDSC_2888 reducedDSC_2890 reducedDSC_2892 reducedDSC_2894 reducedDSC_2897 reducedDSC_2899 reducedDSC_2900 reducedDSC_2902 reducedDSC_2903 reducedDSC_2905

This one is my favourite because whoever put this stake in was able to use an old piece of metal to secure it.  KIP just covered all the crap up.  There’s pieces of rusty metal all over the coal hills.


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