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Union Bay Improvement District Meeting June 17, 2015, and KIP Supporters Presentation

First off I am not a fan of the present UBID Board but, their words tonight displayed their realistic view of the present situation regarding the expired water agreement and Kensington Island Properties desperate attempt at opening up that expired water infrastructure agreement.  Trustee Alan Webb provided important information and outlined the flaws in the previous agreement.  Have to say kudos to Trustee Alan Webb on a great presentation, easy to grasp the implications.  Trustee Marie Gaudreau didn’t hold back any punches and kudos to her as well. Kensington Island Properties is not giving this community a red cent.

KIP must negotiate a new agreement according to the Master Development Agreement.  Why are those who were involved in the expired agreement hell bent on Kensington Island Properties not having to negotiate a new agreement when it will be more beneficial to the community?

Again, not a fan of this Board and have many unanswered questions about their actions but I agreed with a lot that was stated by this Board tonight on very important matters.  Big thumbs up.

Part one:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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