At the Saturday meeting held by the Union Bay Improvement District from 1 to 3 pm, Mr. Kensington decided to speak at basically the last few minutes and what did he address?  Mustering up all his professionalism he managed to say to me “Mary, get real” regarding the website UBResorts and then provide absolutely nothing regarding the Water Infrastructure Agreement other than the usual poor me attitude.  Words come out of this guy and yet he says zilch.

His peanut gallery were huddled around him and apparently advised him to ask to have the video camera turned off which he didn’t do as he stated he didn’t have anything to hide.  Should I assume then that the former trustee who stood up and requested the video camera be turned off before speaking had something to hide?  This same individual who identified themselves as a former trustee who negotiated the lapsed agreement insists the agreement is still in effect legally.  Another former trustee involved in the negotiations stood up and stated he thought most people in the room hadn’t read the lapsed agreement and I couldn’t agree more.  It’s too bad this former trustee didn’t provide more information regarding how he negotiated a complex deal with Kip Costanza.  Exactly what was negotiated when KIP Costanza offered $17.4 million and this former trustee negotiated $1.9 million (the figured has changed over the years and last one was $1.2 million) without the knowledge of 2 of his fellow trustees?  These idiots were in over their head and the deal was rushed through when the writing was on the wall they would be soundly turfed for their lousy representation of the interests of Union Bay landowners in April 2011.  Negotiations – what a joke.

How many meetings since April 2011, has KIP attended?  I recall numerous mentions by the board that they hadn’t heard a word from KIP.  The few times KIP was present, no one was allowed to ask questions except the board members.  Afraid to answer any questions. Months and years passed and when does it surface?  When the agreement has expired.  Mr. Kensington sits and listens to other landowners providing details about the water treatment system and says nothing.  I don’t care how many people stand up and state what KIP is offering because it’s not coming from the one person who can make those promises – Mr. Kensington.  Mr. Kensington is very short on facts and rarely puts anything in writing.  Why does he have these puppets promote his interests and make statements when the facts should be coming from Mr. Kensington?  Because it’s all bullshit, that’s why.

There are a few people missing from the video as I turned it off to save them any more embarrasment because of their stupidity.  For those of us who have kept track of the KIP Costanza saga over the years, it is sad to see how many stupid people walk among us and have a very short memory.  They stand up and state UBID is not giving them the information they need.  Did any of them read the information provided at the June 17, 2015 meeting which addressed the flaws in the lapsed agreement?  We don’t exactly live in a metropolis and for people to say they want information or are not landowners, isn’t the UBID office easy to reach?  How many attend any meetings or directly contact UBID for information?  We have a community of idiots who will sign anything if told they’re getting something for free.  Where were these outraged folks when the Kip Costanza friendly board locked us out and negotiated the lousy expired agreement?  Most of the inhabitants of Union Bay are gutless unless in a crowd and too stupid to grasp answers when provided.  A perfect breeding ground for a developer – a bunch of hillbillies being told how smart they are and they go forth and tell their fellow inbreds who take it as gospel and then show up at a meeting ignorant and leave just as ignorant because they’re too stupid to grasp the answers.

Get real.  What’s real is the documents I’ve provided over the years and made available to back up my statements on my blogs.  I’m the only one providing video of meetings so I can be accurate about what is stated rather than the he said she said crap most people rely on and I post them for all to see as it is impossible to remember everything said at a meeting.   As K. Kelly pointed out, I have the right to video a public meeting and if you want to ask a question and not be recorded it is your right to have the camera turned off.  Other than that I will record any public meeting I attend.