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Kensington Island Properties: Who Is Gamal Aziz?

Remember the Sept. 12, 2015 meeting when I brought up the UB Resorts website plans to build a casino and Mr. Kensington told me “Mary, get real.  Obviously the UB Resorts is not ours.”?

Here is a link in case you missed it:

The following shows:

  • Gamal Aziz was a director and what’s interesting is the mailing address provided for UB Resorts Inc.
  • The address is the same as local lawyer Michael Krugel who has been a vocal supporter of Kensington Island Properties and was instrumental in getting local businesses to support KIP’s application.
  • There is also a name change recorded on Sept 24, 2012 from UB Resorts Ltd. to UB Resorts Inc.
  • On the contact page of UB Resorts Inc. website the address given is 1321 Falconer Rd., Edmonton and a search reveals the occupant is Gamal Aziz.

Mr. Kensington states on the video “… has been turned over to our legal counsel long ago.”   Here’s a suggestion:  call Michael Krugel.

Just more of the same old bullshit, IN MY OPINION!!!!

UB Resorts IncUB Resorts Inc 2UB Resorts Ltd to UB Resorts Incresults of 102 - 635 Fitzgeral AveGamal Aziz Edmontonbullshit 42

One thought on “Kensington Island Properties: Who Is Gamal Aziz?

  1. Well done Sherlock. When is a lie a lie or is a lie mis-spoke…. Saying something without the facts could be mis- mis-spoke. A lie is a deliberate statement knowing it is false. Hmmmm, I know what I think…

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