Union Bay Improvement District Monthly Meeting With Brian McMahon in Attendance

Another great meeting today with lots of information provided by the Board but there certainly weren’t many questions asked during the half hour dedicated for question period.

Funny, McMahon was there but never uttered a sound.  Isn’t this the same guy who claims he can’t speak at the meetings.  Well, no one is allowed to give speeches it is a question period but I guess he grasped all the info and there was no need for questions.  That says quite a bit about this Board conveying the information, wouldn’t you say?

Another funny was when a gentleman stood up prior to the end of the meeting calling for a vote of no confidence under Robert’s Rules but was unable to quote the section he was relying on to bring about this vote.  The Board actually left the room to discuss the matter and check the Robert’s Rules of Order only to return stating they couldn’t find anything related to what this individual was attempting.  C’mon, don’t go to these meetings empty handed and expect people to believe what you say just because you say you know.  That’s how the last board operated – making up their own rules and interpreting new meaning into existing laws.

Processing the video and will post it when it’s finished.  It’s huge as it was well over an hour and that’s a lot of video.


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